Let’s discover the particularity of: Moltifao

This village is situated in the micro-region of Caccia, up north of the island and within the limits of the Regional Nature Reserve – at a crossroads between Bastia, Calvi and Corte.
The first hamlet seemingly dates back to the XV century, and it was founded by the inhabitants of Sepula who used to produce flax, barley, wheat and cultivate the vines, and naturally rearing animals – leaving only ruins left to be viewed today. The houses were made of schist, with thick solid walls and small openings. Sepula was finally abandoned at the beginning of the XVIII century, and the exodus to Moltifao started in 1702, ending in 1707.

A very interesting suggestion for you is at the place known as Tizzarella, just at the entrance of the Asco gorges and where you can find a tortoise village ‘U Paese di e Cuppulate’ within 10ha, run by the Regional Nature Reserve and assisted by the municipality of Moltifau amongst others. The initial aim was to raise awareness and protection for the Hermann tortoise, the only terrestrial tortoise here, in order to repopulate within their natural environment. The village itself is divided into different areas – with a breeding enclosure, hatchery and nursery.

Lots to explore with a discovery trail of 1650m : ‘Man and the Forest’
which caters for several themes basically: dead tree/life tree, the brook, trees and the poetic breath, enclosure, time of the shepherds, myths and legends, fire/wind and the forest – an interesting little programme for exploration.

And there are some Genoese bridges that can be found in this area too, for those who wish to venture around.
It is also said that Nicoletta, a French singer, and whose original name was Nicole Grisoni, is from Moltifao.
Remember to go and view a double sundial, restored in 1991, that can also be discovered on the top of the parish church of the Annunciation (baroque style).



Source: Wikipedia
Image: cartesfrance.fr  

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