Let’s see what’s brewing at the ‘Microbrasserie Impériale’ in the heart of Ajaccio

This is the story of four friends from the same village in Corsica, who decided one day to create and produce their own beer.
Laurent Pietri, Jean-Pierre Giodani, Jean-Luc Pietri and Jean-Luc Bennetti are natives of Salice, which is a pretty little village around 25km from Ajaccio.
They prefer to be called ‘artisan brewers’, which is exactly what they are.

The idea took form from discussions they had together, which led to experimenting in a garage and testing at the annual Christmas market in Ajaccio in 2015. Successful and encouraged, they finally opened in Ajaccio in 2016, in the centre of town – one of those quaint narrow streets where you can find yourself strolling around admiring the architecture and surroundings, also close to where Napoleon was born. 
I couldn’t help but wonder why they chose beer in particulier to begin with.
It turns out, they are all amateurs of beer, but Laurent Pietri had gone as far as learning how to make it a few years ago on the mainland – so, this also stimulated their decision.

Now, to reveal the types of beer that await your opinion and pleasure.
There are two types all year round: Bionda at 5° and Ambrata at 5.5°.
You will also be proposed an interesting selection for various occasions, these are ‘ephemeral’ (short-lived) beers.
The following are some examples for you to consider:
– ‘Mare di China’ celebrates the Chinese New Year (which was end of February this year).
– ‘Surella d’Irlanda’ for St Patrick’s Day on March 17th
– ‘A Pruniccia’ for the Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) on June 21st,
with plums from their village in Salice
– ‘Cubana Rossa’ for Cuba on July 27th, this consists of beer with rum and has been successfully produced for the past two years
– ‘A Scuticcia’ for the National Holiday for Scotland St Andrew’s Day on November 30th
This also corresponds to Sant’Andria in Corsica on Nov 30th, a Corsican celebration for the passage from autumn to winter – there is a revival for this festivity over recent years. I think you’ll agree, names that have a musical consonance with Corsican rhythms very often, and these evenings result in musical gatherings with various groups.

So, how long does it take to actually produce a beer ?                       

Three weeks, taking into account the more the alcohol, the more the difficulty of course.
Three stages: 3 x 1 week
1st week:
– brewing for a day, and fermentation at a certain temperature
2nd week:
– at rest, and into the cold to clarify at 8°
3rd week:
– into beer kegs to ferment again, resulting in double fermentation
I’d say many of you know the ingredients by now, here’s a quick reminder just in case: water, malt and hops.
The barley malt and hops come mainly from Germany, from a supplier who is well known to artisanal breweries. The hops give a spicy or fruity taste, whereas the malt is for the alcohol. Price range is very reasonable, from 3e – 6.50e depending on the size.

How long can you keep beer ?                                                            
– draught beer can be kept for two months
– bottled beer can be kept for one and a half years

They also have assorted proposed plates for those who would like to nibble something and accompanying your drinks:
– chicken with beer, meat, charcuterie, cheese, bruschetta, courgettes beignets, onion, sausage and chips – so there’s quite a wide range to satisfy any growing hunger throughout the evening !
What differentiates this place from elsewhere is the fact that they make their own beer like a ‘Brew Pub’, and they also serve draught lemonade which is homemade, something else to keep in mind if you feel like varying your drinks and interesting for the summer months.

Future projects:
Probably using other alcohols, local products and distillation for liqueurs, that would only be served on the spot.
Finally, they do of course cater for groups and visitors when notified beforehand, and I can assure you they will focus all their attention and answer any questions you may wish to further exploit, with generosity and broad smiles within a very friendly atmosphere – a microbrewery recommended without hesitation, remember to drop by when you are in the area. 


Opening hours :
Summer months: 15/4 – 30/11
Tuesday – Sunday 18.00 – 2.00am
Winter months: December – mid-April
Thursday – Saturday 18.00 – 2.00am


tel: 0610342015
5, rue Zevaco Marie Ajaccio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Micro-Brasserie-Imperiale-908079112609191/

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