Let’s take a closer look at our legendary wild boar: U Cignale

Here’s another emblematic figure from the Island of Beauty, immortalised a few years ago in ‘Astérix in Corsica’.
The legendary wild boar is a powerful and robust cousin of the pig. His coat is dark, and his legs are short – he is stocky, and has a low rump.
The male is equipped with two short defences, which prove to be extremely impressive during fights, or over the mating season from November to December.

The wild boar feeds on acorns, chestnuts, roots, fruit and truffles, that he unearths; using his snout to plough the ground – this also gives that strong, authentic taste to his meat.

Hunting wild boar in Corsica is a true institution. So, if you happen to see someone on the side of the road, with a battledress and a rifle in their hands, you’ll know this is not a clandestine ! It is often the case, that the ‘posts’ (where the boar is more likely to pass) are located at the side of the roads.

The males are powerful, fast and solitary, and the females live in groups with their young wild boars (recognisable by their ‘striped pyjamas’).


Source: bienvenue-en-corse.fr

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