Let’s try: Brocciu and Potato Galettes

Brocciu and Potato Galettes
serves 4



– 6 cooked potatoes (500g)
– 6 eggs (3 for stuffing, 3 for breadcrumbs)
– 3 crushed garlic cloves
– mint
– 250g brocciu
– pinch of nutmeg
– salt, pepper and butter



Mash the potatoes with the brocciu, chopped mint, crushed garlic, salt + pepper in the potato masher.
Add butter and 3 egg yokes. Beat the egg whites, and stir into mashed potatoes.
Shape the potato galettes (after having dipped in the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs).
Cook (in hot oil) in the frying pan.
Serve with a tomato sauce, and lettuce.


Bon appetitu !


Source: Fromagerie Baldovini Xavier

image: Location Corse 

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