‘Life’s great, cheese makes it even better’- direction: La Fromagerie

Few are those who resist the temptation ‘Cheese is milk’s leap to immortality’, a poetic and artistic regard! whatever way you choose to look at cheese, it’s quite obvious it has maintained an important role in our nutrition. La Fromagerie was my next step, entering that delicious world of tasty suggestions – temptations we allow ourselves to indulge in, with such pleasure. 

Julien Pedinielli opened La Fromagerie mid-July, 2018. He had previously studied at the Lycée Agricole in Sartène, and obtained a Bac Pro – his original idea was to work with nature but, his road would take an alternative turn.The wide range of cheese from elsewhere is a promising starter; Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, England (Stilton and Cheddar) and of course from the mainland – to which can be added a large variety of Corsican cheeses. If you’re wondering how many types there are, this would easily amount to around fifty. It’s interesting to note, what differentiates them from other cheese shops is the fact that they apparently provide a larger choice of Corsican cheese – those of you who are acquainted with our cheese will know that there’s more than one to take into consideration, and La Fromagerie can propose from eight to sixteen choices – so, there’s really a preference for everyone. Price range: 14e – 42e / kilo 

Curious as to which cheese remains the most popular with the public up to now, Julien informed me this would be the Comté (from the mainland), along with various small goat cheeses. Most of the clientele is from Ajaccio and neighbouring villages/towns, which also reveals a certain annual autonomy without having to rely too much on tourism. 

The Fromage Bar / Apéro Evenings and Tasting: Proposed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, as of 19h during the winter months, and every evening from June onwards. Cheeseboards with three to seven types of cheese, accompanied by organic charcuterie (from the village of Peri, Red Label), wine and heating outside for the colder months. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it. 

Takeaways are of course possible, trays can be prepared with cheese and wine (count around 20e, and best to call beforehand if possible). When you visit, not only will you love the setting, but you will also notice that there is a good selection of liqueur, wine, honey and jam that you may purchase too. Yes, the setting is very attractive, as you’ll see from the images I have provided for you, adds character and authenticity to the premises. Future projects consist of expanding whenever possible. Each step in its own time, as the saying goes. 
Finally, a cheese joke that may give you a smile: What type of cheese is made backwards ? ……… Edam! 

quotes: Avery Aames + Lowlander

Address: 23, rue Bonaparte20000 Ajaccio

Tel: 0495716997 

Opening Hours: 9.30h – 12.30h / 16.30h – 19h 

Social Media: Facebook + Instagram: La Fromagerie 

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