L’Oru: Enter and follow the creative instinct

This is a wonderful chance for the island’s creators to be given the opportunity of being viewed, admired, followed and promoted. It was in December 2017 that L’Oru opened its doors in the centre of Ajaccio.We can thank Marie-Valentine Carette for this initiative; she chooses and contacts creators from all over the island, thus proposing a variety of products for public appraisal and inviting all of those interested in discovering natural talent which is not always accessible, for various reasons.

The area is spacious, welcoming and comfortable. I had the pleasure of meeting Antoinette Defranchi Filippi, who offered a very cordial greeting. The principle is quite simple. The public can purchase or/and order whatever takes to their fancy – there are around fourteen artists exposing all at once, and the idea is to rotate with new displays on a regular basis. 

A few examples of what you can explore, if you decide to visit when in Ajaccio: jewellery, clothes (with and without Corsican references), paintings, crafts, knives, books, music, driftwood, posters,  and well-being. Prices vary from 20e – 2000e, a wide range for consideration, with a few items for children too. Up to now, posters and ‘bleu de Chine’ shirts/overalls have been the most popular. Artists in turn, also make it their business to get in touch with this engaging cultural location, and from which they can indeed benefit – you may recognise certain creators from the inserted photos.

Certainly somewhere to note down, and call in to visit when you are in the centre of the town some time, even if you’d just like to browse around and become familiar with what the island can offer. Keep it in mind !

L’Oru 1 rue de l’Assomption 20000 Ajaccio

Tel: 0495287349 

Opening hours: 10.30h – 18.30h 15.30h – 19.00h

Social Media

Facebook: spaziuloru 

Instagram: spaziuloru

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