Lulishop : A Search For Original Corsican Products

My first reaction in discovering Lulishop was: ‘of course, that’s exactly what we need’ This is somewhere one can ‘shop’, finding quality products manufactured here on the island – a real find I believe, and I had to investigate as to how this idea had bloomed. Portrait LauraLuli(1)

A marketplace assembling designers and craftsmen – and a gain of time and patience too, what with the quantity of products one is constantly confronted with regularly. Their advice is precious in this area.
Who’s behind this innovative idea ?
Two Corsican women, and childhood friends: Laura Ferrandini and Laura-Maria Sargentini. They both worked abroad (notably in the UK), and desired to return to their island with a new concept.
When did this actually start ?
It took off end of May, 2015 (which is quite recent, as you’ll discover).


How do they choose their products ?
Using their flair for ‘savoir faire’, they contact, visit and meet their future hand-picked selections – sometimes, they are directly contacted which means carrying out their own investigations beforehand.


Is there anything they do not cater for ?
Yes, food.


Post diem tapis laine de brebis corseUp to date, and to give you a general idea – they have around twelve products in their choices, growing constantly. The beauty of this idea lies also in the fact that individuals are put into contact with producers directly from the start – after being orientated by Laura and Laura-Maria.


When you visit their site (address below), you’ll be able to explore the range of products, which I am allowing you to identify and locate for yourselves – French, English and Italian can be chosen. They are of course in contact with overseas, and have already catered for customers in Sweden and Italy. You’ll also find monthly selections which can assist for orientation and choice.
Accessories, decoration, jewellery, lithography, culinary art and fashion – and a whole world of hand-made goods to browse through.  Spampilla Grande nasse


Where to find Lulishop :
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and through their site :

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