‘Magical Seductions’ with Marie-Josée Cesarini-Dasso

Les séductions magiquesMarie-Josée CesariniDasso, possesses many talents amongst which she demonstrates her capacities as an ardent and creative author. In this case, she escorts our entering magical worlds, with vivid details, humorous anecdotes and passion for both the mysterious and the imaginative. I have selected extracts from her extraordinary book ‘Les Séductions Magiques’, hopefully allowing you to somewhat enter these worlds we are less accustomed to, not without a potent dose of pleasure and interest. I invite you to read more.

Young girls in love, unfaithful women and accused matchmakers, will wholeheartedly enjoy blaming the devil through their statements for their sentimental weaknesses, trying desperately to escape from the fury of their families and circles. Besides, taking into account their epoch and situation, we do not at all exclude the possibility that these individuals could have been convinced of the truth of their sayings to a certain point – especially when one adds the compulsive lying delirium to superstition. In Corsica, witches were not burnt at a stake. As for the devil, exhibited as a scarecrow by the inquisitors, he appears to hold the role of a façade for the accused, even worse, he is treated as a wretched accomplice, for whom there is no consideration whatsoever. In short, he is only half believed. One understands that the reform in Corsica, just slipped away like a drop of water on duck’s feathers. Free salvation is already experienced in old style.
Let us remember that the art of magic held an important role in prehistoric times, antiquity, XIX century – being a star in the XXI century. Magic was compared to science, for it uses medical rituals for healing; to religion, for the moral well being of a human being, also targeting the improvement of the material side.
For centuries, the Church has been fighting the initiatory tradition, mainly in order to avoid initiation being used for dangerous purposes.
Magic, like religion, has its rituals. And although religious rituals are not bound to produce immediate effects – magic, on the other hand is not meant to fail. Based upon confidence in the ritual, thus qualifying it.
It is necessary to state the forces that lie within. At times impersonal, being the elementary forces of non-intelligible nature and at other times, personalised with a distinct self-intelligence, otherwise known as supernatural.

This book relates the fiery records of the Inquisition, revealing secrets, written with passion and through which we enter magical and unknown worlds, relating romantic mischief present with ancestors – particularly instructive and very often with irresistible humour.

Many thanks to Marie-Josée CesariniDasso for hours of stimulating reading and conversations
‘Les Séductions Magiques’ Ed: Marc Dasso

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