How many plants find their realm in Cape Corsica …

Contes & Légéndes Corse (royaume végétale)Forests, wetlands and the maquis share their comfortable realm within Cape Corsica, having become landmarks for scientific and environmental observation.

No less than 21 notable plants have been identified – and sufficient to arouse the interest of the Coastal Conservatory, who acquired 670 ha between 1984 and 2010 at the tip of the Cape (districts of Rogliano, Ersa, Centuri and soon Morsiglia). The management of these protected areas (Natura 2000, Conservatoire, Nature Reserve, coastal control path) is provided by the association Finocchiarola-Pointe belonging to the cape, who closely associates municipality members, Association of Friends of the Natural Park of Corsica, General Council, Environment Agency and the Dreal.

Alongside the cistus, myrtle and arbutus growing on this land, one can find Corsican violets and the endemic morisia, with its buried fruit. Although both flower in height within dry grounds from March to June, the ‘verbena nodiflore’ prefers the Barcaghju lagoon, the only place providing for her. These are the floristic characteristics that explain the implementation of various protective devices and an inventory of the natural heritage over the whole of this particular territory. At the instigation of the towns concerned, oaks groves amongst others became areas of particular interest and conservation, (ZNIEFF: areas of ecological interest for flora and fauna), along with the giant fern in the Sisco valley – unique en Europe. royaume végétale Contes & Légendes Corse

The European Natura 2000 also incorporated the whole of the tip of the cape, including the Finocchiarola, Giraglia and Capense islands.


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