Marie Emilie Réallon: Nurse during WW1 for the Corsican soldiers

Marie Emilie Réallon was a Parisian nurse who cared for the Corsican soldiers during WW1. In 1914, her husband, a philosophy professor in Corte accidentally died in the Restonica.

When WW1 broke out, she decided to devote herself to the Corsican soldiers who were wounded on the battlefields, and this was by way of a reward for the population of Corte, thanking them for the comfort brought to her following the death of her husband. During the many years of conflict she brought help to the Cyrnos children, visiting them in the hospitals. She also held a chronicle in the Petit Bastiais, as well as other newspapers from the island, giving information on the Corsican soldiers that were wounded in combat and spread about in several health care facilities in Paris.

Marie Emilie Réallon is considered to be an outstanding figure from Corte and from Corsica, who deserves to be remembered. 

Source: Le Petit Bastais – corti d’eri 

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