Mediterranean fish, stuffed with vegetables

Doesn’t this look amazing ? vegetables and fish from the sunny Mediterranean … let the sunshine in

Bon appetitu !

Recette Tozzi

Serves 6


– 1kg mussels

– 4 slices of stale bread

– 1 mullet (emptied and scaled)

– 4 chard leaves

– 1/2l fish soup

– 1 egg

– 2 shallots

– 8 peppers

– 4 fennel sprigs

– 8 small courgettes

– salt+pepper

– 4 soup spoons olive oil

– 8 small tomatoes

– 8 white onions

– bouquet garni

– 1 lemon


Soak the bread in 1/4l of fish soup. Cook the mullet 10min in boiling water, with the bouquet garni. Put the broth aside. Reserve the crumbled fillet.

Place the chard 5min in boiling water, strain and chop. Over high heat, open the mussels, shale and chop. In a salad bowl, mix the crumbled bread, chard, mullet, fennel and shallot, mussels and beaten egg. Season.

Peel the onions and blanch for 10min, scoop them out. Cut off the top part of the tomatoes, peppers, courgettes. Scoop the out, being careful not to spoil them. Place the courgettes in a dish, with 2 soup spoons of olive oil.

Season, put into the oven (th 8), and cook for 15min. Fill all the vegetables with the stuffing, put the hats back on. Cook for 30min in an oiled gratin dish (th 8), sprinkling with fish soup from time to time.

Source: Patrick Tozzi
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