Meet Fabrice, cartoonist and creator of the most affectionate Corsican wild boar: Razorbacu !

couv2Since I discovered Razorbacu earlier on this year, I had been looking forward to meeting the creator of this genuinely humorous character. I set out to encounter Fabrice Sorlin, who has been living in Corsica for seventeen years now, dividing his time between his profession as a cobbler, and his passion, as a cartoonist.
“Shutting off the thought process is not rejuvenating; the mind is like a car battery – it recharges by running ..” Bill Watterson.
Some of you may recall a film entitled Razorback, by Russel Mulcahy back in 1984; this was to inspire Fabrice in creating Razorbacu – a Corsican wild boar, who manages to find himself in the most dreadful (although amusing) situations most of the time, whilst searching for a friendly contact, food and a little comprehension. Within the scenarios, one denotes subtle references, which often involve aspects of Corsican life/character/culture and heritage; and this was an essential point for me personally, and also that which attracted my intention – all bound with original amusement.  P11(1)

From as early as he can recall, Fabrice has been drawing on walls and even experienced street art too – and somewhere along the line, also spending ten years working in the computer world. However, when speaking with him about his artistic activity, one cannot help but notice his personal animation coming to life, if I may put it as such. It really all began with a single story, but to evolve with text and dialogue through time. So, for the past four years, he has been working with a group of eight authors within a local Corsican company ‘Corsica Comix’ – to which, newcomers are always welcome to join, and wherein an overall friendly atmosphere is applied within a highly motivated team located in a village, just outside of Ajaccio.

Basically, it takes how long to create an album ?

Nine months work involved to finish an album and with this, Fabrice added, to complete a short video that he sometimes presents as a trailer, one must count at least a month for complete creation. To date, three albums have seen the light of day; the fourth is on its’ way and will be coming out in 2015. The first three were released respectively in 2012, 2013, and 2014. It’s interesting to note, he can sense a progression with each album; working alone, but not completely cut off – however, when working on a scenario, he does require to be more solitary. Also holding a notebook, where he jots down words, phrases, ideas etc., that he looks at from time to time, along with constantly making corrections when required.

I had to ask, which album he preferred, to which the answer is, the one he is working on at the moment ! logical, I said to myself ..


May we see these albums translated into other languages one day ?

Yes – English and Italian in the not too far off future.

Of course he has his personal preferences too: Gaston Lagaffe, Gotlib, Chuck Jones, Bill Watterson … and reminds us how the Manga style is very present in his work (a style developed in Japan, in the late 19th century).

P04(1)So, where can we find his work nowadays ?

– albums can be found in many of the general shops and supermarkets here on the island, through local distribution; being fully completed on the island, with just the exception of the printing. Orders can be made through links noted below.

Some day, if he has the choice, what would he like to dabble in ?

surprisingly, the answer here is aquarelle painting, for which he holds a very strong interest.

And as far as projects are concerned ?P30(1)

Yes, he would like to work with somebody and a project is taking form on the horizon presently … passion, potential, inspiration and patience: elements Fabrice possesses in order to continue his creative route.

I would conclude with yet another of Watterson’s quotes, summing up a perpetual state within which we wander “Know what’s weird ? day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon, everything’s different ..” A very pleasant, easy going encounter with Fabrice, and quite the contrary to his imaginative and hilarious creations.



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