‘Migliacci’ a recipe worth trying

These are gorgeous, very popular and often found at the fairs here.
Bon appetitu !                 Migliacci Musique Corse

Preparation: 2h

To cook: 10m
Ingredients for 4:
– 400g flour
– 10g salt (2 pinches)
– 10g yeast
– 6dl water/milk
– 800g goat /sheep cheese or brocciu
– 1 egg
– 5cl milk
– 18 dried chestnut leaves
Steep the chestnut leaves for 2 to 3h in water.
Prepare the dough: flour + salt in a bowl. Mix the yeast with a little milk or warm water, pour little by little into the flour vigorously using a wooden spoon, until the dough becomes soft. Cut the cheese into small cubes, incorporate to the dough.
Allow to rise for 2h at room temperature.
Preheat oven 20m at 250° or thermostat 8.
Drain and wipe the chestnut leaves. Lay by 3 on a baking sheet in order to form six circles. Place a ball of dough on each of these circles.
In a bowl, whip the egg, milk and a pinch of salt. Flatten each ball of dough and glaze with mix. Allow to rise 30m and then cook in a hot oven for 8/10m.
Serve immediately !
Source: Musique Corse ©

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