The Nectar of ‘Mele in Festa’ – The Island’s Honey Fair takes place in Murzo


Tempting and inviting, this annual fair attracts honey lovers from afar and has certainly acquired a name for itself over the years. This year brought us the 17th experience, having seen its creation in 1997 by the Saint Lawrence Association. Producers from various parts of the island install their stalls, under the blue skies and very warm sun, even for this time of year leading into autumn, you can still expect the high 20’s. Once again, a very joyful atmosphere spreads throughout the village, where crowds pass each other all day long, and delight in meeting up too.

Firstly, let’s situate Murzo. It’s about an hours drive out (from Ajaccio) and also a Medieval village. You’ll find the Liamone river and the Sposata mountain in that direction too. The actual name represents a variety of shrub entitled ‘immortal’ and there is a botanical path leading to the river, which stretches along to 2.5km in length, and where one can also find endemic plants.

You may remember I pointed out the distinctive features related to Corsican honey ( and how the bees are brought from/to the sea and the mountains depending on the seasons, resulting in the fact that each choice of honey corresponds to an actual season and the diversity of altitude, which is very important. Had the pleasure of tasting honey beer this year, and it certainly seduced me too!
Be prepared to viewing and hearing about beehives, taking the time to taste and appreciate each flavour, colour and texture, and attending demonstrations and short exhibits which will undoubtedly enlighten you furthermore.

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