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This is the story of a professional skipper who had travelled the world, and who finally chose Corsica one day, to lay down her suitcases and launch her own brand of leather goods and accessories. Emmanuelle Thomas comes from Normandy originally. After having spent some time in New Zealand, she arrived in Corsica in 2011, thereupon to study nautical saddlery with Jacques Poli (over a period of eight months). It was in 2013 she had the opportunity to learn the trade with Solenn Chevaleyre, who was at that stage residing in Ajaccio and who had previously worked for Louis Vuitton. 

Using leather and boat sails, Emmanuelle creates a wide variety of original goods.Handbags of all sizes (and for all occasions), purses, belts, overnight/weekend bags, credit card covers, glasses case, wallets, tablet covers, pouffes, bathroom accessories .. the list is quite long, as you can see. Her choice of bags to start off with, derived from a passion and a travelling support, and she still practises being a skipper during the summer, sometimes. If you are wondering where the name came from, it is in fact the maritime latitude of Ajaccio. 

Made to mesure, orders can be taken of course. She can be found at the Port Tino Rossi, where many like to walk down the harbour in the summer; and admire the incoming and outgoing boats, certainly quieter over the winter months, although a pleasant little walk on a sunny day. Best to send her a mail, message or give a quick phone call if you plan on passing by, in order not to miss her at the workshop. 
Most difficult piece to create up to now:A handbag named ‘Immortelle’ which took three days to make.  So, just how long does a creation take ?1 – 4 days, depending on the choice.

Her supplies come from the Drôme (on the mainland), she usually goes there to explore new choices about twice a year. I noticed a wide range of tones and textures in the workshop, offering various possibilities. Price Range:Starting at around 15e and going up to 700/800e(small objects like a purse or a card folder would cost 15e)To be noted: Bags can also be repaired, for example if you are in need of changing a zip. 

As far as fairs are concerned, she hasn’t really had the time to travel around the island as yet, as she also looks after her shop right in the centre of town in Ajaccio. However, she has been present at the Marché de Créateurs in Bastia, which reunites creators of all sorts, and is a popular event. 

Collections through the years:

Emmanuelle has brought out five collections.

Collection des Vents 2014 (Wind collection), Collection des Océans 2015 (Ocean collection), Collection des Plages de Corse 2016 (Corsican Beaches collection), Collection Fleur du Maquis 2017 (Maquis Flower collection), Collection des Constellations 2018 (Constellation collection) and 2019 is currently ‘in progress’ and will be coming out soon.
Her immediate project would be to expand, maybe take up premises with a boutique in the heart of the town, and keep where she is right now as her workshop. A subtle mixture of shades and choices, tones and smoothness, elegant and soft offering diversity are at your disposal in her showroom – where you can come and choose for yourselves, and take your time in doing so.And, if you are wandering around town, you may also find some of her products at: Le Pas Sage (Passage Poggiolo, Ajaccio). She has a Facebook page under the same name, and an Instagram account where you can check her most recent publications.


Emmanuelle ThomasPort Tino Rossi, Quai de la Citadelle, 1èr étage20000 Ajaccio

tel: 0622927202

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