No. 30 : What’s the particularity of —-> CATERI ?

Cateri Balades en CorseVillage, heart-to-heart : CATERI

We haven’t had a village for a while, so, here we go with No. 30 already – but, with many more in line, of course.

Cateri is situated north of the island, around 17km from Calvi, in what is known as ‘crystalline Corsica’, consisting mainly of granite – and at a (maximum) altitude of 732m. Once again, a village that snuggles against the side of a mountain, and has been referred to as a ‘balcony’ village – as the view overlooking the Aregno plains is quite remarkable. Lots to visit of course, whilst strolling around the paved streets, between Baroque and Romanesque churches and chapels, (especially that of Santa Maria Assunta dating back to the XVII century), along with one of the oldest monasteries – the Convent of Marcassu, without forgetting a square that rose from the ruins of an ancient medieval district – after which, you can stroll along to visit an oil mill in the heart of an olive grove. A village that has existed since prehistoric times, and today remains can still be observed. Charm, well-being and composure is sensed, and certainly a village to discover.

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