Omu di Cagna, a legend relates ..

A few words on the ‘Omu di Cagna’ ..                                                                         Omu di Cagna Contes & Légendes Corse

Just above Monaccia d’Aullène, at the Punta d’Ovace which rises to 1340m, stands in equilibrium on a narrow granite base, an impressive boulder with a human form – the Omu di Cagna, impassive and powerful, staring at the plains which spread at its’ feet.

According to legend, the Rocapina lion would have told the Omu di Cagna: “Se tu guardi la muntagna, eu ti gardu la marina.” (if you watch over the mountain, I could watch over the sea).
Depending on how one looks at it, the Omu di Cagna takes the form of a human head or that of a phallus.

Source: Contes & légendes Corse Copyright ©

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