On our wine trail with sommelier Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti – a new recommendation



We continue with our wine trail, accompanied by Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti – this time we will be learning more about : Niellucciu 2014

This is a wine from Domaine Torraccia
Lecci di Porto Vecchio
AOP (PDO) and biological production
– a fruity, dry red wine


Nose :
Of a light ruby colour. Warm, with the intensity of red fruit dominating – but, notes of roasting and the maquis bring depth and freshness.


Mouth :
Very supple, the freshness of the surprise allows an organised delicate structure gifted with dissolved tannins, within which hints of both plant and mineral intermingle.


To be served between 14/16°, with carafing in order to liberate a light graining, and giving a thrill to these flavours. Accompanying specialities from the south, it suits ‘aubergines à la Bonifacienne’ perfectly.


Summary :
Immediate pleasure with this fresh red wine. It acts like an organised, winy rosé.
The particularity of this Niellucciu lies essentially in the very original vinification; carbonic maceration (beginning of fermentation with whole bunches or grapes), and a short maceration which enables the extraction of a maximum of tannins, and colour – favouring fruit and freshness.


Source : Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti ©

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