Out of season, what can Corsica offer over the autumn ?


Out of season, the island adapts to a slower and more peaceful pace. Autumn appears with bright, sunny and refreshing days – ideal for long strolls by the sea, or through the countryside. Vineyards are quite beautiful, preparing for the harvest and visits are even more enjoyable, with lower temperatures.

Chestnut season invites you to choose from the many varieties of products, without forgetting to indulge in fresh chestnuts and of course the annual fair held in Bocognano (Bucugna) usually in December. 

There is also a selection of fairs/festivals offered during this season, and here I refer to fig, honey, medieval fairs etc., trimmed with film festivals along the way, for those wishing to remain connected.

Outdoor activities include being by the sea, and yet a short distance from the mountains, as you can reach sea, mountains and rivers, and all at the choice of the moment. It’s truly very pleasant indeed, especially as nature spreads a colourful quilt of tones to discover and admire .. forests, mountains appear to awaken after the hot summer months – the contrast is fabulous. And of course, there are underwater activities that can be continued well into the winter months. 

Touring around too is much easier ! our roads become less congested – thus the villages are more accessible in a shorter period of time, adding to the pleasure.

I think it’s truthful to say, everything is just easier, remaining terribly attractive and resourceful. Museums and historical sites await visitors all year round, however once again, out of season these will be even more compelling.

Halloween can be thought of too, as there are specific rituals and a wide variety of nutrition to be explored/tasted – it’s an idea to keep in mind, for those wondering where to spend their few days off.

A last point, that holds its’ importance, is the fact that it is of course cheaper during this season – something to remember !

Photo credit : Alain Pistoresi Copyright ©


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