Where are the oysters bred on the island ?

oysters bisHere in Corsica, oysters are bred in two ponds on the east side of the island, and highly appreciated for their iodised/nutty flavours.
Oyster-farming takes place in the Diana pond, situated around 3km north east of Alèria and the Urbino pond (between Ghisonaccia and Alèria). In the first case other than the hollow oyster, a wild and endemic species is developed and commercialised, under the name ‘nustrale di Diana’. On the restaurant’s menus throughout the island, one finds these local oysters regularly, which can be consumed raw, with or without seasoning (drops of lemon juice or a shallot vinaigrette).

The production of shellfish in Corsica (not only oysters, but also mussels and clams) carries on a lifelong tradition, coming from the building up of flat oyster valves (as has been witnessed by ‘l’îlot des Pêcheurs’) at the Diana pond.
However, if this oyster-farming has been existent for at least 2500 years, the genuine cultivation only started taking place in the 60’s, when oyster parks were installed and became active. Farmers can be counted with the fingers of a hand, for a production that wavers between one and two hundred tons, annually.

Although of quality, it remains a local market.

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