Mint – as a medicinal plant

We all know it, as it is very common – but, how much do we really know about mint ?
Mint has anti-oxidant properties that would reduce the arrival of cardiovascular diseases. Well known for assisting digestion, relieving nausea and pain, treating respiratory infections, gastroenteritis and eczema – also relieving gastrointestinal and biliary spasms or flatulence.
Internal use:
5-8g / 1L boiling water
(a pinch per cup, 1 cup morning + evening)
External use:
Mint calms. Applied as a poultice on a congested/engorged breast, with wheat flour. The infusion can be used for ulcers, and bruises – it is very effective against scabies. Balsam oil was very popular in the past (obtained by the maceration of the tips of the mint leaves in olive oil, for a month), and applied on wounds.
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‘Vegan Marathon’ – Magà Ettori is ready for a challenge !

Magà Ettori is ready to take up a challenge – that of the Marathon de Paris, next April 9th. The truth is, it’s the story of a rebirth. He’s forty-five years of age and weighs 140k – has hypertension and suffers from apnea (and we all know how dangerous that can be). Previously, he had to stop sport, having undergone an organ transplant due to an accident. But, his old dream has persisted, and his desire to participate is stronger than ever.
He confides in an old friend, who is a sports coach, and who convinces him that this is still possible, and that he could run not only for himself, but also for the animal cause (being a vegan). The challenge is ready to be taken up...
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Taking a closer look at a new beer cellar: ‘Orge & Hublon’

This is an idea that had been trotting in Eric Maillot’s head for a while, especially after visiting Belgium, and more precisely Bruges.
After spending some time in the hotel trade, he realised he really wanted to start off his own business in Corsica – ‘Orge & Hublon’ opened up in April, 2016 and has been growing in popularity ever since.  
So, how many types of beer will Eric actually propose ?
There are almost 100 types of beer, coming in all sizes, and of course including the Corsican beers – sizes go from: 25cl – 9 liters, just imagine that ..
If you’re wondering which is the most popular, the answer would be just about all of them, but fruity beer would take a lead here and there’s such a choice everybody seems to find their pleasure very easily...
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‘U Cardu’ Milk Thistle as a medicinal plant

‘Silybum Marianum’, otherwise known as ‘Milk Thistle’ belongs to the Asteraceae (or Compositae) family. Easily recognisable by the bright marbled pale green and prickly leaves. This plant particularly likes dry and sunny places, often with an acid soil – very common in the Mediterranean area. The whole plant can be used. It protects the liver, and stimulates bile secretion. Hepatitis and jaundice can also be treated by the milk thistle, and it is often prescribed as a tonic.
Very effective in the following cases:
– internal and external haemorrhages, hypotension, hepatic insufficiency, asthma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and hay fever.
As an infusion:
– 1 tablespoon for 1/4L boiling water – 1 cup before each meal, for 15 days in order to help the liver
Milk thistle wine:
– 30g root an...
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Michel Solinas: Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Listening to Michel Solinas, otherwise known as ‘Ziu Micheli’ (a nickname that was given to him during his student days), would yet again plunge me into this musical world that surrounds us daily, and longs to reveal the personal and experienced sentiments which remain and still matter.
Native of the Taravu region, it was with a guitar, Natale Luciani and a group of friends, that Michel Solinas started playing music at the age of seventeen – this would entail polyphony and music from the seventies, which would slowly build and mould his musical world.
Following this, there would be many years of ‘silence’, within which he would give free flight to his thoughts on the essence of music itself – a personal compulsion and necessity.
He discovered his attraction to the violin, which was becom...
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