Canadair: over the summer, our water bombers are a frequent sight

In Corsica, we have a certain number of water bombers that look after us, doing their utmost to secure the population and territory – and always at the risk of their own lives; for this remains a very dangerous ordeal – regardless of the length of time of exercise carried out by experienced pilots.
Regularly called upon, they travel the island relentlessly and intervene as quickly as possible.

Fires can be extremely destructive on this island, and how precautions and foresight are absolutely necessary on a constant basis. However, given the efforts and means employed, we still undergo regular settings on fire. It must be understood, the slightest spark is fatal during the summer months...

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‘Frittata incu Brocciu’ – Brocciu and Mint Omelette

Omelettes in Corsica are cooked with oil, not butter – and, are not folded over in the same way as French omelettes, but cooked flat. They are, however, served while still juicy.


– 12 mint leaves
– 100g brocciu
– 6 eggs
– salt and pepper
– olive oil


Chop the mint leaves. Crush the brocciu roughly with a fork. Beat the eggs, and season with salt and pepper – add the mint and brocciu. Heat the oil in a frying pan, and tip in the eggs. As the egg mixture sets, move it from the sides into the centre, so that the uncooked egg runs underneath. While the omelette is still ‘runny’, put a plate over the pan and invert the omelette onto it...

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‘Anareda’ – let’s explore a new organic grocery shop

We could elaborate on ‘first impressions’ however, I continue to believe they remain intuitive and sincere.
Entering ‘Anareda‘ one senses an overwhelming natural well-being, and the desire to discover more without losing any time. This is a family affair, run by Annie and her niece Audrey, witnessing the necessity to share essential natural and local products of various types. I stress various types, for the choice is widespread and interesting.
Just recently opened, mid-April 2017 to be exact, with no less than 75% of organic and red label goods.
Now, these include: wine, coffee/tea, spices, olive oil (a choice of four), rice, vinegar, syrups (including agave), pasta (with and without vegetables), flours, farina, soups, sweets and biscuits, dried fruit, cereals, sugar, cacao, salt and ...
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Eminent words from: Pasquale Paoli

‘More political combinations were attributed to me than I had. My system was very simple: to have general interests prevail over private interests, equality in all its forms was the basic principle, national honour and the improvement of everybody’s fate – purpose and result. These are the secrets of our government.’
Pasquale Paoli
Source: Storia di Corsica / Histoire de Corse
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Mullein ‘U Biancu’ – as a medicinal plant

Mullein is known for its emollient, sedative and pectoral properties. It can be used in cases of respiratory and digestive irritations.
External Use:
The decoction of the flowers can be used as a ‘lavage’ for intestinal colic.
The leaves are cooked and applied as poultices, calming skin inflammations and also painful hemorrhoids – along with maturing boils and panaris. The milk, in which a handful of leaves from the winter’s rosettes has boiled, heals frostbite and cracked hands  in a few days – soaking them for a short while, morning and night (lukewarm).
Infusion of flowers for pectoral use:
– 1 tablespoon per cup in boiling water for tracheobronchitis conditions: coughs, acute and chronic catarrh.
Mix for (four-flower herbal tea) great mullein flowers:
– 30g poppy
– 20g mauve
– 10...
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