Renowned French environmentalist, Nicolas Hulot on Corsica

Well known to all, Nicolas Hulot has his own personal idea on how he views this island

A traveller and explorer, he has adventured all over the world, and here is what he has to say:

“Corsica is perhaps the first place, and God knows how many I have visited – where I would have wished to stay. We can not love a place just for the beauty of its landscapes, because you get tired very quickly of this. For Corsica to love you, you must love the Corsicans. Me, what I like about them is that they do not engage immediately, they are not teasers. The Corsican is profound, sometimes lively but at least he has character, as does the island. I hate lukewarm things. Of course, he also has flaws, because he loves the land and defends it.

Being Corsican, still means somethingwhilst elsewhere in Fr...

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Villages, and how they continue to paint a way of life ..

Evisa (Malaterre)

My first thought would have been that the island is not unlike one large extended village itself

After many years of travelling around and thus becoming more acquainted with individual villages, the evidence of their respective differences became more apparent. It is both comforting and relieving to admire the stone structures facing time courageously, in spite of all. Charming and representative, their presence is vital in the maintaining of traditions, communication, customs and a certain education.

There’s a curious sensation of almost imposing, as though the ancient walls and foundations were attentive to your every move, not without a strong perception of welcoming and an invitation to enter. Atmosphere...

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Is there a particular speciality in Corsica? – yes, without hesitation: chestnuts

pain à la farine de chataigneThey were always associated to attending a fair or some type of outing, and around Christmas time – until I arrived in Corsica

I really hadn’t the slightest idea as to their importance and representation here. Autumn is chestnut season, and when many people take the opportunity to spend hours collecting them in the surrounding woods. Towards the north of the island, there is a particular spot, the ‘Castagniccia’, and this is the heart of chestnut country in all its glory, where the hills are plainly covered with chestnut forests.

It was after the effects of the Middle Ages, and the great wars, that they were massively planted in Corsica under Genoese command...

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Turtle Island – ‘A Cupulatta’

photo-tortue4Now, here is one of the most extraordinary places to visit where nature and one of the oldest existing species flourish in perfect affinity

Cupulatta” (turtle) – a unique park and breeding centre, situated just outside of Ajaccio, in a preserved, natural site, where one can literally spend the day visiting and admiring over 170 species, and 3000 specimens, originating from America, Asia and Africa – this is the largest European park of turtles/tortoises to see the day, and founded in 1993 in an instinctive setting of 2.5 hectares of land...

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Honey, or the direction of sunbeams ..

abeille (La Quinzaine Sud Corse)Personally, I have never, as yet, found a more fragrant and delectable honey

Certainly related to the vast, wild and rich flora that inhabits the island, literally sun-drenched, where the bees may choose at their leisure. The fact is, that you may find a texture and flavor suitable to each season, and the obvious distinctness here is quite noticeable.

Principally, there exists six types: Spring Maquis, Summer Maquis, Fall Maquis, Chestnut, Arbutus and Anthyllis, but I have also come across Honeydew and Tangerine – in fact, the producers sometimes like to label according to what is most representative, and this can very well vary, however the six categories stand for reference...

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