Haven’t we heard that the clearest way into the Universe is, through a forest?


Imagine an island where 46% of its surface is substantially forested – this is the case of Corsica.

Pine, holm oak, birch, chestnut, fir, arbutus, beech … these forests hold the endemic plants and animal species so vital for the maintaining of the natural ecosystem and continuation of natures survival. Aitone, Ospedale, Vizzavona, Bavella, Valdoniello being the central forests. Rospa Sorba produces abundant quantities of Laricio pine wood, whilst the Ersa forest offers ramblings through alder trees. Holm oak, black + maritime pines dominate the Bonifatu forest, where hiking and walking can also be appreciated. Cross-country skiing has, over the years, become more and more popular, and is present in many regions.

It is not surprising to see Eucalyptus trees on many parts of the island, and...

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Nature recognizes Spring long before we do … a perpetual astonishment

Back Camera

 Back Camera

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Fountains of life and guardians of history

Back CameraOrnate and often original, they hold a representative importance throughout the island

No matter where you wander, you will notice one or more fountains in every village – both functional and social as they not only supplied the village with the necessary water, but also contributed to the communal activity within. Many a meeting/gathering took place around the fountain, many a story related too – they remain a symbol, more so of the past but continue to intrigue and contribute to the beauty of the villages even today. Inevitably, a certain number have run dry, although remaining a minority, one can still admire the handiwork achieved.

It has been said that the history of Corsica ‘is graved in stone’, what a suitable phrase as regards to its fountains, one might also say...

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A traditional and tasteful gastronomy

Undeniably, there persists a traditional gastronomy on the islandmyrte - Alain le Magueresse

Generations have submitted a certain ‘savoir faire’ with pride and generosity, where variety and imagination continue to create, respecting traditions – in order to please just about everybody.  Beginning with what the island has to offer as local products: olive oil, meat, game, fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, chestnut flour, honey, pastries+desserts, liqueurs, beers and wine … among the most appreciated.  A significant example would be that of the wild boar, often prepared as a stew, but also served by the leg, without forgetting the delicious pâté. Subtle flavors and distinctive scents mingle and blend, offering innovative and unforgettable sensations...

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Daily life as an islander

La Parata (Gra Ziella)Living on an island

No matter what size this may entail does of course have its drawbacks, but also its’ advantages. The fact of being surrounded by water provides natural barriers and also protection – giving us a quieter environment to live in, to become more acquainted with and bathe in characteristic settings. With a current population of approximately 322.000 out of season, a certain privacy is appreciated, whereas during the summer months, within the height of the season, many islanders take this opportunity to withdraw to the multifold of villages where they may resume their vacational activities surrounded by family and friends.

On the other hand, there is the isolation – if you feel inclined to escape, you can only do so by air or by boat, which entails more of a trip rather than ...

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