Pasquale Paoli’s final exile ..

Storia di San Fiurenzu Oct 14th


It was on October 14th, 1795 from Saint-Florent that Pasquale Paoli was to embark for his final exile, to England.
He declared to a crowd who had gathered in tears on the pier of the port:
“My departure, my friends, could not be more useful to you, after my performances having no effect. It will be more beneficial to my country that I am at the foot of the throne; I will have him know your loyalty and abuses that have oppressed you. I sacrificed my life to see you happy, I shall finish it in  desperation at not having been capable of achieving it.
Pray God that I may have a good trip, and for the preservation of my health – I swear to use it for the prosperity of my country, that I hope to be able to make happier in the spring, and who alone will receive my ashes.”
Pasquale Paoli reached London on November 26th, 1795 after a long journey across Europe, but never saw Corsica again – for he died on February 5th, 1807, and his ashes would be transferred from Westminster Abbey to Morasaglia in 1889.


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