Pasquale Paoli’s last breath in London ..

Storia di Corsica PaoliIt was on February 5th 1807, that the venerable old man, after an illness of only three days, surrendered his soul to God – in his 82nd year of age. He was born April 5th 1725, following the Latin inscription on his tomb and the English inscription on the pedestal of the Westminster bust. According to the desire he had expressed, he was buried without ceremony in the Catholic Church of St Pancras in London. His funeral, which took place on 13 February, that is, eight days after his death, barely cost 500 francs. Drs Burnaby and Giacomorsi who received the last breath of this illustrious man, chose a location in Westminster Abbey to erect a monument there, dominated by his bust.



Source: Storia di Corsica / Histoire de Corse Copyright ©
The Story of Pasquale Paoli by Bartoli

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