Personalities linked with San Fiurenzu / Saint Florent

Stéphanie Rolier, Countess LefebvreDesnouettes (1787-1880) was by her mother Maria Benielli, first cousin of Letizia Ramolino – ‘Madame Mère’.
Storia di San Fiurenzu (personalities)

In July 1806, she married the Empire’s general, Charles LefebvreDesnouettes, in the presence of the imperial couple at the Hotel Thélusson’s chapel, who was owned by Joachim and Caroline Murat.

Charles LefebvreDesnouettes died on April 22nd, 1822, aboard the Albion off the coast of Ireland, during the wash ashore of his vessel on a reef, near the town of Kinsale, during very bad weather. Out of fifty-eight people aboard, only nine survived. The remains of LefebvreDesnouettes would never be found.

It was in memory of her husband, that his widow had a type of beacon erected at SainteAdresse near Le Havre, the famous ‘Pain de Sucre’ – for navigators. The Countess LefebvreDesnouettes would also donate 20.000 francs to Saint-Florent’s municipality, for the construction of a lighthouse in 1874. Finally, the lighthouse will be built near the Fornali cove, in 1875-76, and would be lit for the first time on October 1st, 1876.

An inscription, from a decision taken on May 1st, 1877 and which is no longer visible today, could be read on an adjoining building: “This lighthouse was built in respect to navigators, to the general her husband, and all family members who died in shipwrecks”.

Finally, the Place Doria will take on the name of Place LefebvreDesnouettes – in respects to the Countess, in 1878.

Source/images: Storia di San Fiurenzu ©

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