The Poppy ‘U Pampasgiolu’ as a medicinal plant

Corsica Guide coquelicotThe poppy (Papaver rhoeas) also called corn-poppy or red poppy, is a dicotyledonous plant belonging to the dicotyledonous/poppy family. In Europe over the month of April, they are very abundant in fields, along the roadsides and waste grounds. The petals of the flower are used.

Taken as an infusion: calms coughs and bronchitis. Also can be used against insomnia, asthma, angina and stomach aches.
External use: eye disease, dental abscesses and dry skin.
Infusion: a pinch of flowers in a cup of boiling water; allow to infuse for 10m, drinking 3 cups per day.
Poppy cordial: 400g flowers in 1L boiling water, filter and add 1.4kg of sugar, cook until it thickens, then allow to infuse for 12h in a covered container.
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