‘A Salce’ – Sage, as a medicinal plant

Corsica Guide SaugeOnce again, you’ll remark how wide the span is as regards the benefits from using these plants. Generally speaking, it is a wonderful tonic, and recommended in circulatory or nervous stomach disorders.
Taken as an infusion, it brings down a fever, treats diabetes, colds and regulates perspiration.

External use: stomatitis, mouth ulcers, sore throats, ulcers, insect stings/bites, sprains and even hair care.

Infusion: 1 dessert spoon for a cup of boiling water (infuse for 10m)
Decoction: a handful for 1L water (boil for 10m)
– use as a mouthwash for gums or mouth ulcers, gargle for sore throats and compress on ulcers.
As a lotion, with a concentrated decoction: 100g leaves with 1L water, mix with rum in equal proportion and apply with friction against dandruff and hair loss.
As a cream: crush 5 handfuls of fresh leaves and mix 500g of shea butter – bring to the boil and then reduce to a low heat, filter and use as a massage against rheumatism, muscle pain and gout and also for relaxing joints. It also strengthens the nerves !
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