Sambucucciu d’Alandu : historical figure

Storia di Corsica S d'Alandu                   Sambucucciu d’Alandu:

A native of the pieve of Boziu, belonging to the jurisdiction of Corti. In 1358, the farmers from the Terra di U Cumunu decided they had just about enough of the permanent local community wars, and they wished to defend themselves against the arbitrary of the feudal lords, suffering under their constant oppression.

They hold a Cunsulta in Merusaglia, whereupon they elect their leader. He makes himself ruler of Corsica, with the help of the Genoese, and signs a voluntary pact of submission between the Terra di U Cumunu and Genoa. The agreement with the Genoese is as follows; in exchange for twenty pennies per family, the Genoese insure their protection. In 1360, and with three ambassadors, he is sent to Rome in order to seal this agreement, which was also approved by the Pope and King Aragon, between Genoa and Corsica.

In 1361, finding himself alone after the departure of the Governor Simone Boccanegra, he decides to go to Genoa to ask for their help, in the interest of settling the quarrels between the lords. He became part of the six councillors in 1366, who helped the Genoese governor on the island, however, hostile lords in Genoa, revolt against the Capipopuli di U Cumunu and against him. He manages to stem the tide of this revolt, and maintains the short-lived direction of the island, but, the end of Tempu di U Cumunu has arrived. He dies of the plague in 1370.

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