Santa Zita, April 27th : tradition and legend

A traditional feast day, celebrated at the St Jean Baptiste church every April 27th, and directly concerning florists and gardeners. At the end of the ceremony, each believer comes away with a blessed bouquet.

It’s a very moving story aboZia St Zitaut this saint. Servant in a wealthy Italian family, she used to collect the leftovers from her employer’s table in her apron after each meal, in order to give to the poor. One day, her boss, who was of a suspicious nature, threatened her with the worst of punishments, and asked her to open her apron. When she did – flowers fell from it.

In olden days, the market place in Bastia was strewn with myrtle branches that members of the gardeners society went traditionally to cut in the village of Furiani.

Source: Zia Antonia PorteBonheur Traditionnel (text from: ‘Histoires légendes et sortilèges du pays Bastiais’) Copyright©

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