Sauntering around town, drop in to the ‘Bistrot du Cours’ in Ajaccio

Bistrot du Cours


While you are sauntering around the town of Ajaccio, drop in to see Pascal at the Bistrot du Cours, it’s right in the heart of the town and you will be welcomed with smiling faces too.

He started out as a barman there, which led to his taking over this delightful, cosy café in 1998. He now runs it with his son, Alexandre, so it has become a family affair.

Ideally situated, and surrounded by boutiques, of all sorts, when the need to sit down for a while, or quench your thirst impose, you will enjoy the convivial surroundings and welcoming manners.

One of the main particularities here is the fact that he displays between 3000/5000 books – so, if the fancy takes, you can sit and read or even borrow/exchange books at your leisure, an original idea, whilst sipping your cold drink during the hotter season, or your hot chocolate over the winter months, keep it in mind.

Other highlights to be noted are philosophical evenings, throughout the year (except in July/August), where a certain topic is discussed in public for all to participate and also theatrical workshops, once a month for adults/children, so everybody can feel involved. He possesses an interesting and attractive stone cellar downstairs too, a must see if you remember it. His most recent innovation is where you can come along, one Sunday/month, with one of your favourite books, and speak about it publicly, sharing views and opinions spontaneously, a charming and interesting idea! – the exposing and unfolding.

Many types of free artistic demonstrations are available throughout the year, and over the summer during the ‘late night Friday shopping’ too. The possibility of attending a musical evening is also provided, concerts are programmed throughout the year and where you are informed well in advance.

Open from 7.00am through to 1.00am, 7/7 days a week during the summer, and where a choice of catering is naturally provided; from cold/hot drinks, snacks, pizzas and bruschettas, without forgetting sandwiches and salads – all at a very reasonable price range.

I call in there from time to time, there’s a relaxing, comfortable feeling sitting outside in the sun, or even inside surrounded by books, post cards, photos and knowing you are welcome – a family spirit floats in the air constantly, along with sensations of a certain past, still strongly present. Atmosphere and proximity replace a certain comfort you may be used to, within which you will notice a genuine exchange.

When I asked Pascal how he sees his commerce and how he would like for it to continue, he replied; ‘a place where one senses, and finds the core of society’ – and his daily motto: ‘carpe diem’ …


Photo credit: Bistrot du Cours

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