‘Under My Screen’ —> action! – 5th season of our English/Irish film festival


Bergman stated: “No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls ..”
The very word, ‘cinema’ – what does it evoke for the vast majority of us ? escape, entertainment, the idolising of directors, reverie, pleasure, unfolding messages, reflections, desires, the brilliant performance of your choice actors .. a regard on life itself – a vast dimension of parallels, hypotheses and where just about everything is possible these days .. and within which it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the difference between the tangible and the illusory – or should we even try – but, that is another story .. whatever incites you to attend, whatever ignites your curiosity – we ought to remain critical, alert and conscious, asking ourselves ‘what does the director desire to transmit?’ for here lies a key question involving so many films for which we decide to assign genuine time. Categories being multiple, our desire of the moment often corresponds to a compulsion certes, however, this does not exclude moments of pure discovery! Many of us have experienced that wonderful feeling of having viewed an unexpected film at some stage, and having sensed the emotions of ‘almost missing out on’ a particular choice, to be associated with the little ‘gem’ that may have gone rather unseen,  – this happens, and more than once I have experienced this overwhelming sensation too.

‘Under My Screen’ is running into its 5th season this year, and every year the pleasure is present, with a constant growing audience appreciating English/Irish films and the impressive choice proposed being fully acknowledged. Naturally, this festival is a favourite of mine, being an English speaker the thrill of viewing recent releases is indeed triggered !

This year will be bringing 21 films, from December 7th-15th, mainly at the Palais des Congrès – some however will be showing at the Espace Diamant, which is new, so, those present will need to check the program beforehand.

So, what’s in store for us ?

Let’s start with the children, there will be three films for the younger aged groups.
An innovation too this year, with a twinkle of the eye going towards an Australian film ‘The Sapphires’, a comedy/musical with Chris O’Dowd, and based on a true story. Two national ‘avant-première’ will also be shown, one being ‘Believe’ – Manchester at the end of the 80’s, and who even whispers ‘Manchester’ tends to refer to football of course – where destiny enters and plays her role. ‘Diana’ with Naomi Watts, of course has aroused mixed feelings, and I think it’s wise for each individual to view for herself/himself before deciding. ‘Hyde Park On Hudson’ starring Bill Murray is romantic, and quite charming, I have had the pleasure of viewing it and Bill Murray being faithful to himself, is as always, sensitive, convincing and somewhat poetic within this complicated world of power. ‘Seven Psychopaths’, brings comedy, emotion and seven experienced, compelling actors together i.e: Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Tom Waits, Woody Harrelson .. (also note, the director Martin McDonagh directed ‘In Bruges’). Simon Pegg in ‘World’s End’ will be opening the festival and I’m certainly looking forward to that, for I don’t believe I have seen one film with Simon that I have not liked, so far. Opinions are again divided/opposed referring to Michael Winterbottom’s ‘The Look of Love’, within which Steeve Coogan either convinces or literally repulses, remembering however Winterbottom’s ‘Welcome to Sarajevo’ from the past, and without forgetting ’24 Hour Party People’, I think Coogan’s performance could very well be incendiary.

Several films will be ‘in competition’, whereupon the viewers are asked to vote after each performance, so, remember to vote on your way out. I’ve mentioned but a few, and you’ll find the remaining list in the program and on-line. Educational workshops will be available, testing your ability to speak English, and also a contest. Examining the program, you’ll realise there will be choices for all, whatever way you are inclined to waver, it is essential to attend – for both the conscious and subconscious both enter into action here, listening to a foreign language, as we are not always conscious of the quantity of information we actually assimilate, and this can also be applied to many domains.

Repeating Altman’s words, so brilliantly to the point: “It’s all just one film to me. Just different chapters ..”

Take pleasure in attending this festival*

Program: http://www.under-my-screen.com/


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