Seasonal Chestnut Tiramisu

Perfect to end a meal, light and delicious – cool and creamy, with the chestnut bringing autumn flavours to your table. Coming from Italy, it literally means ‘pull me up’ (lift my spirits), which it obviously does, no question about that !


– 80g sugar
– 250g mascarpone
– 300g chestnut jam
– Speculoos biscuits or ladyfinger biscuits
– nut kernels
– 3 eggs 



Separate the egg yolks from the whites, which will be whipped up later on. 
Beat the sugar and egg yolks, the mixture must be foamy and white.
Add the mascarpone to your preparation and whip, in order to obtain a smooth and creamy preparation. Whip up the egg whites (add a pinch of salt), they should remain stiff. Add to the mascarpone preparation and also add half of the chestnut jam, mix well without breaking the egg whites. Crumble the biscuits and place them at the bottom of your verrines or large dish, then add a layer of your preparation. Ideally, two layers of each would be your best choice – alternating biscuits and mixture. 
Finally, you have two possibilities to choose from:
– top with chestnut jam and walnut kernels
– sprinkle cocoa powder and then add a few walnuts (this gives a good crunch)

Enjoy your dessert ! 


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