What about skiing in Corsica ?

paris sur la C skiCorsica is especially famous for its’ wild coastline and turquoise water – but, it is also a land for fans of winter sports. It proposes three small ski resorts, Ghisoni, Val d’Eze and Vergio, which offer the possibility to ski from 1400m to 1870m, above sea level. A fourth station, Haut Asco, closed since 1991 following extensive damage caused by landslides, could reopen soon – this is certainly the will of several local officials who work in this direction. For several years, Corsica also has plans to create a new, larger station (like the stations of the Southern Alps) around Corte. The idea is to plant a resort proposing 30km of slopes, between 1550 and 2400m. 

It is usually possible to ski in Corsica from the months of December to April but the snowfall is often more important in February and March. The island‘s weather conditions strongly affect snow, and humidity and temperatures which are “soft”, rapidly transforming the powder into spring snow. In Corsica, skiing is managed from day to day – it’s not like the mainland stations opening dates; they are not fixed in advance, and in this regards it’s best to call the town halls or restaurants present on site. 

Ghisoni Capanelle:
Ghisoni Capanelle is a ski resort located in the north of Corsicain the municipality of Ghisoni, at the Bergeries de Capanelle. The station is located at the foot of Monte Renosu, a summit rising to 2,352 meters above sea level. The ski area has 7 pistes for all levels with 3 ski lifts. Access to the station is by road, from the village of Ghisoni (provide special equipment for your vehicle). Two entries are possible. The site offers a ski pass reportage to discover at the station.

Located in the north once again, the station is named after the Vergio Pass (Capu di Verghju) which rises to 1593m. The ski area has 7 marked trails (all levels) served by 6 lifts.

Val d’Ese Bastelica:
Located on the same latitude as Ajaccio, the small ski resort of Ese plateau is nestled between the valleys of Prunelli and Taravu, in the village of Bastelica, south of the island. Access to the station is only by road. The ski area has 9 ski runs served by five lifts (4 lifts and a “bambi kid“). The resort covers about 20 hectares. The practice of snowscoot is regulated there; it is allowed only on Vaccaghjiu and Tarmini tracks. The resort offers a lunch catering service and it is possible to rent the equipment on site.  

If you are tempted by the great outdoors and adventure, mountain guides will accompany you on beautiful walks! Corsica is an unusual destination for skiing. The island’s mountains offer an unexpected playground with eighty peaks above 2000m and unforgettable descents with a Mediterranean background. The Great Adventure Alta Strada famous for its wild character and commitment, allows caravans from around the world to dream.

Source: Pari(s) sur la Corse

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