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The cinema is an unquestionable passion we thrive upon, nourishing our sensitivity, quenching our longing to be transported to existing or hypothetical surroundings, and our desire to comprehend the inconceivable and mysterious – pieces of a puzzle we do our best to struggle with at times, in order to fully extract the intended implications. Emotions take us by the hand, and also lead us astray. Without fail, my mind automatically drifts to Fellini’s words when I reflect on the cinema in general – ‘There is no end, there is no beginning, there is only the infinite passion of life‘ – and life as we know, can be so overwhelming; overpowering and generous with surprises, developments, and the unexpected.

Meeting Jean-Philippe Ricci offered an opportunity to share and exchange some of these impressions and observations.

Born in the Balagne region where he spent most of his adolescence, thereupon deciding to follow a theatrical training course in Marseille, from around 1997-2000. He stresses the fact of being a true cinephile from an early age, and remembers during his childhood being allowed to watch television on Sunday evenings – in fact, he couldn’t have imagined doing anything else if not an actor.
We could say, being Corsican has been more of an advantage for him throughout his career, widely known on his island and also nationally and internationally, with use of English and the capacity to adapt to circumstances.

I wondered if he had regretted playing any role, to which he replied “no, always by conviction” – each time allowing him to experience unique voyages within the cinematic world. We spoke about the French cinema in general today, which has altered throughout the years; possibly because of the expansion of television and other factors, leading to a contrasting audience confronted with so many supplementary choices and images. As for the Corsican cinema, he finds it is doing well and has managed to find its rightful place, shedding the legend it once carried and flourishing afresh – it holds a specific status and choice.

What improvements would he like to see in the film-making world today ?
– more support, resources and assistance to young authors and also directors, so that their work could be better defended.
Is combining professional and personal life a challenge for him today ?
– not at all, however he does point out that during the time of preparation for a new part he is 100% absorbed and concentrated, and his family and friends know that by now.
As well we know, each character is distinct, and in being so it takes a certain time to find the key, to feel and literally plunge oneself into the spirit and soul of the next lead, thus bringing forth the essence – sometimes it requires sacrifices and I think the public fully understands this necessity. Stepping in and out of roles is of no problem whatsoever for Jean-Philippe, each time shining a different light of which he is fully conscious, and continues to learn from this.
He has been fortunate to be able to refuse parts he did not particularly wish to play, because he still has the possibility to choose.
On the whole, he finds Corsica is presently doing quite well, and is not ‘adrift’ as he puts it, defending itself within the moment and in spite of everything going on around the world. What he does think we badly need is a theatre, and he’s absolutely right – Ajaccio needs a new theatre ! we’re all waiting for it.

His dream role
– a woman, and he hopes to be given the chance to make his dream come true some day.
Favourite memory
– the announcement for films ‘Un Prophète’ by Jacques Audiard and ‘Les Anonymes’ by Pierre Schoeller.
– to not have been able to see himself when he was young as he is today, and know he would have been happy to see the result.
Favourite actor and actress
– Daniel Day Lewis and Julianne Moore.
Favourite film
– Les Valseuses by Bertrand Blier
Interesting, because it represents how he sees life and liberty himself, maintaining a very young spirit, and the sensation that the actors were free.

Everything is possible, have faith and allow passion to lead even in times of problems – no excuses‘ – these words would be his advice to those desiring to pursue an acting career.

What has he yet to prove ?
More specifically, he hopes to be a good father always, and that his child/children will always be proud of him, helping in every way possible.

Being a quote lover, I had to ask him if he had a particular quote he preferred, to which he replied: ‘Saute, et le filet apparaîtra’ – ‘Leap, and the net will appear
– which is originally from the great John Burroughs, and a wonderful and meaningful quote indeed.
In many ways, we are all actors – this is a thought I have always felt is quite overlooked; we don’t always take the time to realise how our daily words/actions are influenced and transformed by so many elements, consciously and unconsciously – we literally excel in taking on and personifying a multitude of silhouettes, something to think about when your mind would like to wander.

By now, those of you who are not familiar with his filmography are possibly wondering where he can be discovered and viewed, and I’m now going to tell you all about his main adventures.
We’ll start in 2008 with:
Les Randonneurs à St Tropez by Philippe Harel
Un Prophète by Jacques Audiard 2009
Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ? by Frédéric Farrucci 2013
Entre Amis by Olivier Baroux 2015
Les Exilés by Rinatu Frassati 2015

Les Anonymes by Pierre Schoeller 2013 tv
Crossing Lines by EA Bernero/Rola Bauer 2013 tv
Mafiosa by Pagan, Rochant, Leccia and Choquette 2006 – 2014 tv
Disparus by Thierry Binisti 2014 tv
Tensions au Cap Corse by Stéphanie Murat 2017 tv
Quadras by Mélissa Drigeard/Vincent Juillet 2017 tv
Maybe some day he will write and direct himself, this is an idea that trots in his head for future endeavours.

To be noted: season 2 of Quadras will be out in 2018, this being part of future projects along with ‘Béatrice‘ by Rinatu Frassati, and where we will have the pleasure of viewing and listening to Jean-Philippe playing the piano – this I may add, has been quite an experience for him and up to now, remains one of his most challenging roles.
I’d also like to mention the very talented musician/singer/composer Fred Poggi here (you may remember I wrote in length about Voce Ventu some time ago), because Fred Poggi has composed the music for Béatrice, and I am thrilled to inform you of this important detail as I’m sure it’ll be no less than wonderful.

Regarding the immediate future, and here I refer to this very month of December, Jean-Philippe will be starring in a contemporary opera ‘Ulysse sans terre‘ by Orlando Forioso, both playing and singing and which will be showing at the Théâtre de Bastia on the 22nd – also starring: A Filetta, Fadia Tomb El-Hage, Diana Salicetti and Lea Antona – and another tremendous project for us all to explore (with a future date for Ajaccio some time I believe). He underlines the personal and interior research involved for this opera, which has been yet again, a new opportunity and a forceful exciting exploit.

Finally, may I add that this was an engaging and resourceful encounter, and I am delighted to be able to present this talented Corsican to you today.

Where to follow Jean-Philippe Ricci
Instagram: jphilippericci

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  • Torre  says:

    Bonsoir Pamela,

    Un article dense qui permet de décoi=uvrir de façon intime un comédien attachant.



    • Pamela  says:

      The flight of words and ideas have no boundaries, thank you very much for your thoughtful comment André, am pleased you found it to be an interesting read.

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