St Florent reverberates with Porto Latino!

Porto Latino 2013 014

Just hearing the name prepares you to dream,  doesn’t it? Arriving in time to take a quick visit of the coastal town of St Florent (north of the island), which I hadn’t been to for a while, I admit – was on the agenda, and after viewing many of the changes that had taken place too – it’s flourishing and extremely welcoming. Expansion, structure and tuneful hues having taken over, one can very easily foresee or extend a definite halt. Wandering around admiring the quaint little streets, filled with summer tones and often tiny boutiques, opening out onto delightfully picturesque squares, where cafés invite you to repose for a while, filled with tanned, ‘sunhatted’ and ‘sunglassed’ visitors, requiring short or long spells of rest and shade, and quite regularly distinguished by the omnipresent natural fountains. Also noticing an overall desire to insert stone facades in so many places, which is very appealing and adds so much character to the entirety.

Leisurely atmosphere floats continually, the fact being that many are on vacation here, so, stopping off at the neighbouring beach, and walking around in light summer attire is most common sight. I eventually made my way up to the citadel, to where the concert of the evening was to take place.    Porto Latino 2013 003
Mojitos and music were the first stop, down by the Crique, before the sunset in secluded surroundings, overlooking the open sea – what else!

This festival runs through five evenings of total buzz. Already the program was pretty attractive this year to attend any evening, including Lilly Wood and the Prick, but, I had my firm choice already in view, when realising Asaf Avidan would be there – and I certainly did not regret it, by any means. Talented, piercing, passionate, and a vocal virtuoso, impelling full attention. A judicious choice of opening too, Alice Russell (English) roused the already prepared masses with her forceful voice, through tones of soul, and tinges of funk and jazz – an interesting discovery.

Efficiently organised, in the spacious open air grounds just underneath the citadel, encircled by numerous shelters – each offering beverages and nourishment to satisfy growing thirst and hunger throughout the evening – this festival attracts large crowds annually and it wasn’t long before they swarmed and the electric current settled in to sweep through the evening. It’s evident here that the buzz of Porto Latino has become a musical imperative in Corsica.    Porto Latino 2013 077

You’ll realise my conclusion is a stop-over in St Florent, if you’re in that area beginning August some year, where you’ll appreciate the charm of a seaside resort that has maintained the original enchantment of scenic surroundings – without disregarding the quantity of vineyards to visit in that area too, with high quality Corsican wine – for St Florent is right beside Patrimonio – and who says Patrimonio, says wine through heritage and culture.

(Program can be consulted well in advance)       Porto Latino 2013 095

2 comments to St Florent reverberates with Porto Latino!

  • Daisykz  says:

    Thanks a lot Pamela for having us an ear on this beautiful ground … Corse is indeed the place to be now I guess !

    • Pamela  says:

      thank’s Daisy for dropping in! and yes, it certainly is – a great festival there!!

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