When style adopts culture/ heritage – the result is ‘Antica’ and identity

10672327_768367326542473_158866038357374541_nSometimes you see a style that turns your head, or catches your eye – this is exactly what happened when I discovered ‘Antica’. A relatively recent local Corsican company, based in Ajaccio, producing t-shirts/tank tops that deal with the culture and heritage of the island; their speciality – and it stands out. Guillaume was very kind to spend some time with me, answering all my questions, with eagerness.
When did Antica actually take off, and how many are involved here ?
– just last year in 2013, with Guillaume and his associate; for some time this idea had been trotting in the back of Guillaume’s head too, to finally materialise and take off. For now, their specific items concern t-shirts and tank tops, with intentions to broaden their range in the future.   10294493_706367906075749_986657504952705602_n
What’s the particularity of their product ?
incorporating images of traditional/cultural characters, endemic to the island – artistically very attractive, with taste and quality – emphasising identity. For the moment in 100% coton for men, and viscose for women; with coton available for women next year, but they would like to use other fabrics too, so, the choice remains generous and tempting – with names like ‘Paghjella’, ‘Banditu’, ‘Tumbera’, ‘Aiaccina’ to give you an idea of what I am referring to.
I noticed they used a series of five, this is just for starters, next year they plan on introducing one model/one serigraph, along with unlimited series .. they’re in that exciting period presently where innovation and possibility draw a progressive picture of what the future holds. They don’t cater for children, as yet, in case you are wondering – that too will come in time. Personally, I find their eagerness, energy and innovative ideas stimulating and yet, concrete.
1966821_681792418533298_363332479_nAre we talking about pricey articles here ?
No, not at all, they remain very much in reach for everyone: 43e – 49e – which I believe you’ll find is good news!
Today, what is their range of images ? 1509657_681791548533385_1664580603_n
it’s quite a wide range when you think of it, around fourteen in fact – this too will increase next year, it is scheduled. As for fabrication, it entails one month for a finished product, being confectioned in Portugal for the time being. Guillaume’s idea/desire is to create a whole wardrobe in the end, so the adventure will be interesting to follow – here again, his enthusiasm and passion can be undoubtedly sensed. I should point out, this activity is their spirit; Guillaume is a sailor in every day life, thus managing both fields.
Of course they plan on exporting; countries including Japan, England and Ireland came to his mind automatically when we spoke on this subject, and even the possibility for future development with other countries – for example, incorporating their respective images.
10530792_741753342537205_1327883248794282833_nAn interesting point to note: part of their profits will be donated annually to a local association; for 2014, Antica has chosen the Association Pascal Olmeta ‘Un sourire, un espoir pour la vie’, and all the more reason to support them, I believe. 10609695_744991498880056_5850517471620795855_n
If you’d care to explore their products, you can find them in several towns, both in Corsica and on the mainland: Ajaccio: Lily B and Générale Store. Bastia: Elysée Boutique. Marseille: Mika Roma and Montpellier: Le Boudoir de Joséphine – a full listing can be found on their site, whose link you may register at the end of my article.

To my mind, originality has been tastefully adapted to bring out influential aspects of the island, what matters and what remains secured in memories and lives, reminders in many ways, and I hope they will be extremely successful with this initiative – for heritage must find a way always.

Be a voice not an echo, identity is memory – when memory disappears, the self dissolves ..


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