Suggestion: Tangerine and sweetened chestnut purée verrines

Remaining seasonal and accessible, this tempting, tasteful and original Corsican recipe should find its way to your tables !
Tangerine and sweetened chestnut purée verrines:

Serves 6                                                                                                                


– 6 petit suisse
– 100g vanilla chestnut purée
– 8 tangerines
– 35g butter
– 35g sugar
– 1 soupspoon tangerine liqueur


Peel the tangerines, and separate into segments – remove any white skin. In a large frying pan, melt the butter and add the tangerine segments and sugar. Allow to caramelise, and add the tangerine liqueur. Mix, remove from heat and allow to cool. In a dish, whip (energetically) the petit suisse for 5m with the chestnut purée. Prepare the verrines. Place the caramelised tangerine segments at the bottom of each verrine, cover with the chestnut and petit suisse mix, in layers. Finally, dispose the candied tangerine peels on top, and spray a little caramel from the cooking of the tangerines. Keep chilled for at least 1/4h, before serving.


Source: Corsica Guide 

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