‘Swira’ – developing style in a fresh way – all through affinity, voyage and liberty ..


A very innovative collection here, ‘Swira’ caught my eye recently, with her choice of artful conception and attractive shades. Based on ‘Liberty’ and ‘Voyage’, and accommodating a certain symbolic reference also through choices of design and pattern.

Providing and sharing a profound sentiment and meaningful fervent hopes – this range includes cistus, arbutus, tangerines, asphodels and of course, the Moor’s head. The merging of ideas, tones and conception hold imagination, attractiveness and a search for casual comfort, without omitting the essential aesthetic and of course, quality.

‘Swira’ originates from a town in Morocco, and personal memories for our ‘créatrice’ here, Carole, where she was vividly impressed by this town and the many artists living there – and her line of clothing was to see the day in July 2012.

Originally, Carole questioned the rather sober, strict and lack of choice, as regards clothes representing the Corsican identification, thus seeking possibilities not only for women and men, but also for children and within which the notion of voyage and liberty would be  maintained – through an authentic sentiment of affinity. Swira 003

I believe she has found what she was looking for, her creations are splendid, inviting, surprising and resourceful.
Furthering her concept, it is interesting to note the constant desire to remain unconventional too, and here her decision to compose ‘series’ entered – fortunately for us all too, I might add, for who wishes to see the same t-shirt or tunic all over the island ..

Carole is from Ajaccio, does all her own printing and you can find her creations presently in three boutiques:

Anareda (women), Cendres de Lune (men), and Fées et Pirates (children) in Ajaccio, along with others around the island – remember to watch out for a winter collection too which will include cotton and cashmere and the story does not end here, at all.

She has decided to expand her creations and adapt them to at least twelve other regions on the mainland; including Marseille, Paris, Brittany and the Basque Country, enabling many of you to probably find them right at home, isn’t this a fresh idea?

I’m totally convinced. And whether you are buying for yourselves or sometimes desperately wondering what present you could possibly find to bring back with you after the holidays spent in Corsica – keep Swira in mind – for her desire is to travel !

Swira, un symbôle de liberté



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