Taking a closer look at a new beer cellar: ‘Orge & Hublon’

This is an idea that had been trotting in Eric Maillot’s head for a while, especially after visiting Belgium, and more precisely Bruges.
After spending some time in the hotel trade, he realised he really wanted to start off his own business in Corsica – ‘Orge & Hublon’ opened up in April, 2016 and has been growing in popularity ever since.  
So, how many types of beer will Eric actually propose ?
There are almost 100 types of beer, coming in all sizes, and of course including the Corsican beers – sizes go from: 25cl – 9 liters, just imagine that ..
If you’re wondering which is the most popular, the answer would be just about all of them, but fruity beer would take a lead here and there’s such a choice everybody seems to find their pleasure very easily. Also to be noted, every week he proposes a new draught beer for discovery.
Returning to our fruity beer, there’s a variety of around ten here: 3.6° – 4.5° –
including peach, mango, cherry, raspberry, coconut, banana, and apple – just to give you a general idea.
He opens up at 10am, which may appear quite early, but during the holidays and summer months, the tourists like to drop in on the early side (before it gets too hot to be wandering around), and buy directly from his ‘shop’ supply.
When tasting, a snack is also provided (which is handy to remember if you call in around lunch time). Saucisson, figatellu, and Chimay cheese will accompany your choice of beer while you decide what takes to your fancy, it’s convivial and easy-going, just what you need to relax in doing so – the skin from the cheese has also been washed in beer.
Are there evenings with themes proposed ?
Yes, there are, and with music provided. For example, Eric caters for birthdays, and companies also reserve special evenings regularly. Even rugbymen find their way there, but that would be normal wouldn’t it.
Evenings cope with around 200 people, allowing around 60 inside, and there’s an open-air terrace just in front. My attention was caught by his choice of furniture – round wooden tables, which in fact he made himself, and  they are very attractive, also adding a cosy atmosphere.  
Top Beers :
In his opinion, Karmeliet Triple, Chimay, Trappe and of course the wondrous range of Corsican beers we have on the island: Lutina, Corsa, Ribella and Pietra. Let’s also consider the degrees in general, these start at 2.5°, reaching to 12°.
Workshops in view:
Every Saturday, as of April 8th – these workshops will last around 4-5h, and will include everything you need to know about beer from A-Z. So, those interested should remember to contact Eric as soon as possible, in order to secure a fixed appointment and be part of that exciting scene ! Then, three weeks later, you will return to bottle your own beer and enjoy a free lunch and of course, more beer.               
An idea of price range:
– 3.50e – 5e for 33cl
– 6.50e for 50cl
– 12e – 14e for 75cl
and from 2.80e – 9e for draught beer, depending on size   
Eric plans on exporting very soon, especially to mainland France and to England. Now that the actual concept is indeed ‘getting off its feet’, he will have more time to consider other destinations, and spread his wings.
Upcoming news and special events:
Of course, St Patrick’s Day ! with a few added touches for the occasion.
And, there will be a choice of beer flavoured with whiskey, which will be especially produced for this memorable evening.
To be noted:
There will be a surprise during 2017, but, we’ll just have to wait and see what this will be !
As Plato said, ‘he was a wise man who invented beer’
Orders and correspondance:
You can easily reach Orge & Hublon through the following mail :
Tel: 0495735484
Facebook: Ajaccio Horgeethoublon
or/and, simply drop around to see Eric on the Mezzavia Road, just outside of Ajaccio
– opening hours: 10-13h, 16-00h

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