The benefits one gets from ‘L’Ocalitu’ Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is very much at home here on the island, and it also enters the medicinal category.

Corsica Guide EucalyptusSome species (notably Eucalyptus globulus) were introduced into Europe where they became adapted to the Mediterranean shores; Portugal for example, where huge eucalyptus forests have been planted for the production of paper pulp. We can use the leaves which take action when the airways suffer (asthma, bronchitis), also for biliary and urinary infections and bringing down a fever.
In external use, it can be used for wounds, insect bites, hair care, hoarseness (gargle), sinusitis (inhalations).
Infusion: 4or 5 leaves for a cup of boiling water (brew for 10m)
Inhalation or washing of wounds: using a handful of leavesand a liter of water, bringing to the boil for 10m.
Source: Corsica Guide ©

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