The best macarons in Corsica!

Back CameraWhen fluffy light worlds of flavoured almonds merge and liberate passion and supposition, gravity can within these moments fluctuate and leave you in momentary rapture

This is an accurate as possible description, in regards my tasting Mikaela’s macarons. Basically, I was never a macaron lover, until I tasted her very personal and elaborate fabrication, I was then conquered for life!

She has been established in Ajaccio since three years now, in the centre of the city, where she creates, blends and produces her impressive thirty varieties of flavour, which, I may add, are uniquely made from regional products. Having been trained in Paris prior to her arrival in Corsica, she possesses her unique view of extending flavours, colours and variations.

A few examples here that may tempt your curiosity: chocolate and Tonka beans, lemon/praline, chestnut (and yet another example of the use of chestnuts), figs, chocolate/orange/gingerbread …

Remember, macarons are not macaroons! – there is quite a notable difference in both the visual and the taste.
And, if you’re not at all an adept of macarons, she also prepares her own choices of pastries and cakes – one in particular I would suggest is her ‘Nougat glacé’ – absolutely delicious!

Maison Maestrati, Ajaccio    

IMG_20130205_161802                                    Back Camera


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