The biggest cycling event in the world, the ‘Tour de France’ comes to Corsica this year for its 100th edition!

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The rising excitement has indeed been experienced, especially over recent weeks, now it’s nearer and nearer for this years Tour de France Cycling, where Corsica will be actually participating for the first time in its history! I wonder if you can imagine what this represents for this small island too – yes, economic repercussions of course, and in every way, then again, this is the biggest cycling event in the world today, and this year will see 21 stages, and will include a total distance of 3,403km, and if I’ve correctly counted, there will be 22 teams, and 126 cyclists from 14 countries …

Corsica will be hosting the start of the race, and the first three stages – concerned are the towns of: Porto-Vecchio, Bastia, Ajaccio, and Calvi.
On Thursday June 27th, presentations of the teams will take place in Porto-Vecchio, leading up to the start off on Saturday, June 29th (Porto-Vecchio/Bastia: 212km) and seemingly on flat ground, continuing on Sunday, 30th (Bastia/Ajaccio:154km) where some steep roads are to be expected, especially after Corte, to end the Corsican stages on Monday, July 1st (Ajaccio/Calvi:145km) winding roads in perspective, crossing the creeks of Piana!

With dynamism and activity generating throughout the island, there will certainly be a general wave of genuine enthusiasm that will be sensed everywhere, for the island has been preparing this event for some time now and is very proud to receive everyone – more memorable moments to be observed.

There’s no denying, this is a prestigious event, bringing together crowds everywhere the groups of cyclists make their appearance. This year being the 100th edition, we immediately think of the very first time, when in 1903 Henri Desgranges established the creation. The fact that this year, they will be cycling through some of the most beautiful parcels of scenery existing, starting off here in Corsica, will certainly have a certain psychological impact, in my opinion for the continuation and remainder of the race, and I sincerely hope they will be able to fully appreciate at certain moments. As for the festivities involved, they’ll be starting in many French towns, days before the race begins, with celebrities out to meet their fans, such as Bernard Thevenet and Bernaud Hinault. There will also be added events referring to BMX and vintage bike exhibitions.
When you imagine 3.5 billion television viewers all over the world for last years race, watching Bradley Wiggins arriving triumphantly!
Finally, dating back to the beginning with Desgrange’s own words ” the blue wave of the Mediterranean, along the dreamy, rosy roads sleeping under the sun, our men are going to race madly and tirelessly ..”
Photo: the yellow jersey sways at the CTC (The Territorial Collectivity of Corsica)
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2 comments to The biggest cycling event in the world, the ‘Tour de France’ comes to Corsica this year for its 100th edition!

  • Wendalynn Jones  says:

    I can’t even imagine cycling along some of those roads that you have shared pictures of on your Facebook Page. The scenery is stunning … but … on a bike ??? 126 cyclists from 14 countries. Wow. That’s impressive. I wonder what Henri Desgranges would think now, 100 years later !! I’m curious to google how long (and difficult) that first race once. Probably, “not very” on both accounts. Congratulations Corsica !!

  • Pamela  says:

    Thank you Wen! yes, the first tour was much smaller in every way; 6 stages, and 60 cyclists, of which only 21 crossed the finishing line .. it was a difficult race too, the bikes were much heavier and no technical support whatsoever, so you can imagine the fearless group striving onwards courageously. Must have been quite an experience, even then. Corsica is very proud indeed today.

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