The Coastal Control Path – what does this entail

The ‘Sentier des Douaniers/ Sentier du Littoral’ was established by law on December 31st, 1976 – which created a right of way for pedestrians on the coast. This law allowed pedestrians to walk by the sea and along the beaches. The name is due seemingly to a lack of control. However, at that time, there were patrols of two or three customs officials who roamed the coast under surveillance. Presently, there are still many of these tracks in Corsica, which can be and are often used by sportsmen and adventurers, with an incomparable beauty guaranteed. In Calvi, in front of the Hotel ‘Il Tramonto’, there is one of these trails that leads to the Revellata lighthouse.    Office Municipale de Tourisme Calvi Revellata

The journey starts with a symbolic monument, in honour of the dead from the Balkans :
‘To the children, men and women, civilian and military, around 400 people dead or missing, having embarked on the Balkans steamer from Corsica, and torpedoed on the night of 15/16 August 1918. So that no one forgets them, Calvi, November 11th, 1989 ‘.

For ‘Les Chemins de Corsica’, walking this track and taking this hike, remains a type of tribute to those who should not be forgotten.
May it be likewise with you and may you enjoy the extraordinary landscape!

Source: Les Chemins de Corsica – Photographie

Photo credit: Office Municipale de Tourisme Calvi

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