The first Energy for Islands Salon has opened its doors – Energ’îles


An important initiative was taken here in Corsica, to organise this first salon as regards to the multiple problems islands are compelled to face up to and undergo, where their energy resources are concerned –  a topic that needs to be discussed and thought about to its full extent, for the future is also at stake here.

The necessary importation of fuel, which most islands undergo, is one of the vulnerable aspects, and who says ‘importation’ automatically says ‘expense’, and don’t we know it well.

The goal desired? – to gain an essential independence of energy.

The presence of the Minister of Environment (Delphine Batho), along with the Overseas Minister (Victorin Lurel), is certainly a strong asset and required attendance for this first salon, showing an authentic interest to this ongoing problem which concerns us all.

But what does all of this really entail? Principally, research and innovation, resulting in necessary experimentation that has derived from the natural pressure this problem has installed over time. The fact of affiliating several islands here, through a sense of solidarity and responsibility, certainly serves this fundamental cause and a better comprehension of the problems involved, as their testimony is indeed crucial.

Representation from several islands, notably: Reunion, Martinique, Guadalupe, with whom a certain established collaboration has grown in recent years or the Spanish island of El Hierro and the Greek island of Ikaria – primordial contribution.

Hopefully, during this salon we will hear more about the states commitment for Corsica to be equipped with natural gas, somewhere between now and 2018 too, and this is also the chance for professionals and individuals to meet representatives who may be able to assist them.
Documentaries and conferences, one in particular I noted for this evening on ‘Carbon, public enemy no.1’ – for all who can assist this first salon, remember, it’s open to everybody, free of charge, over these three days.

Photo Credit: Energ’îles


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