Through shades, texture, form and emotions, Pierre Farel conspires with dreams ..

féminitéI knew I was entering a world of rich, vibrant shades – where sensuality, allure and an influx of variant energy would seize my sensitivity, and this has been Pierre Farel’s world for the past 25 years – also which he finds has flown by .. A continual breeze of lifestyles enter, surround, mingle and perpetuate, and where one senses the warmth of sunshine, leisure and chosen/unchosen circumstances. Savoury sensations by which the senses are hailed through gesture, music and persistent floating suggestions. Each canvas narrates, and the viewer is delightfully invited to further the elaboration of what one perceives, which of course, means the so important use of one’s imagination and observation.

From a very early age, he knew he would be an artist, and when other children of his age would be out playing football on a Thursday afternoon, Pierre would choose visiting the Beaux Arts instead. Born in Orange, he attended the Beaux Arts in Avignon.

Being acquainted with his work throughout the years, I had the impression there was a diversity of shades recently, which he confirmed by his ‘flashes of life’ (as he likes to call them), and here lies his inspiration too. Rapidly, he chose his unique concept, which has resulted in his very personal distinction.

Possessing a daily rhythm of work, he has created 1700 canvases plus 300 gouaches, oil and lithographs. It’s interesting to note here too, from time to time his creative expression expands to sculpture, and I noticed a quite striking bronze piece when speaking with him, entitled ‘Bar-Club’. Surging from within, one realises the stature and importance women hold – the result being an ongoing hymn to the feminine condition.
I was very curious to learn if he had been strongly influenced by a particular artist, to which he answered, many held his esteem and admiration, but, no-one in particular had forged his personal perception. His respect for all artists and their choice of Art was soundly observed too, and if he were to advise a young artist today, he would say ‘have courage and go for it’.
I felt his distress with so many galleries closing over the recent past, deriving from economic repercussions, but not only economic, other aspects/decisions have entered.
When relating memorable encounters throughout the years, his thoughts flew to Pierre Cardin, who had come to buy a canvas, and with whom he had the pleasure of sharing a meal, later on that day and where both creators gave their personal views.
Regrets? just one really, the fact that he has not had the sufficient time to study music! and as you will discover or already have seen, music represents quite a large part of his creative work – a firm musical sensitiveness + flow of rhythm – and fundamentally, what he hopes the public grasps from his work is the ‘dream’ factor ..

I was also wondering if he had a favourite colour, bearing in mind the fact that this artist applies quite a number, and his instinctive answer was ‘white’, but, thereupon ‘red’ was swiftly added, and in viewing his works, you will notice an overall practise of white too, and more especially from earlier years.

Having shows in many major cities, Paris remains the dearest to him, certainly because this is where his first ‘followers’ started too.
Where the choice of cities within which his permanent shows are constant, relates to his personal bonds with friends, and here I refer to: Paris, London, Beirut, Grignan and Ajaccio – taking into account that he has shown around the world and notably including New York, Miami,Tokyo, Berlin and Barcelona. I may add with all of this travelling around, he still finds the necessary time to return to Ajaccio and to his family, and this natural base is an absolute necessity for him too.
Any particular wish for the future?
Worldwide peace and showers of love for the planet.

Again, being curious, I was interested in a particular personal quotation that holds meaning to him: ‘The artist must love life and show us how beautiful it is – for without him, we would have our doubts ..’ (Anatole France) – keeping in mind, that an artist is indeed a fragile creature ..

Now, the enigmatic question of canvases without faces: my personal theory was a tendency towards a universal identification, which in itself could be taken into consideration, but, Pierre related the original significance, which derives from his early childhood when visiting museums and galleries, he was convinced that the eyes in each canvas were watching and following him throughout his visits and at that moment decided that when he would paint, there would be no features!
I was delighted to learn that this coming August, and more precisely on the 11th, he will be revealing his first religious canvas in the village of Grosseto, and this first time choice of work has been an exciting adventure to add to his collective works.

– an unyielding call for endless exploration … and where painting is silent poetry –



Photo credit: Pierre Farel ©

Pierre’s gallery in the centre of Ajaccio can be found at:
Espace Farel, No.1, rue de la Barrière, Ajaccio
– and if you would like to visit his site, where you can also view his many creations.

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