Through shades of harmony, Laurent Bruschini relates with passion and spirit his personal melody

photo-26Corsicans always find their way home, and I believe the example of the talented singer, Laurent Bruschini, speaks for itself too.

Having grown up on the mainland, his growing passion through the years, shaped itself through a steady growth. From his early years, Corsican was always spoken at home, and holidays were naturally spent in his native village too, for Laurent is from Palleca (Palneca) and Sarra di Scoppamena.  His belonging to the Casa di u Populu Corsu continued to forge an identity which was to increase through enthusiasm and character, leading to the co production of an album Nott’é Ghjormi with Di Maghju, at the end of the 90’s. It was in 2000, that he finally decided it was time to return to his native island.

Laurent has had the pleasure of accompanying I Muvrini throughout Europe for six years too, and in 2010 starred singing in Frank Henry’s film ‘De Force’ alongside Isabelle Adjani and Eric Cantona. The enriched experience of belonging to ‘Cinqui So’, a polyphonic group well known for their anchored Corsican culture and also original notes of variation, has certainly contributed to the ascension and structuring too.

The next, and so important step was to be taken in 2011, when Laurent brought out his first solo album ‘Andammini’, wherein we sense his questioning and self-discovery, enlarging horizons and a certain preparation to return with wider perception for the future, in other words – a testimony, from which we sense even from his choice of cover shade, a strong impression of search for identity. What strikes one listening to his voice, is an inner strength and capacity, urging to generate profound sentiments he desires to be heard and understood by all – a very natural force transpires with conviction and spirit, whereas in contrast, soft-spoken when being spoken with I witnessed.
Now, he hasn’t stopped here. This summer, sees his second album ‘Mundu Latinu’, which makes its appearance this July in fact, (and can be found just about everywhere too), maintaining his Corsican roots, but, allying latin tonalities where we are induced to explore alternative shades/tones, trimmed with even more colours, fragrances and persuasive latin rhythm – the interconnections between Corsica and elsewhere, a certain regard on our vision and what we sometimes miss out on too, without forgetting the force and touch  of love. Personally, I’ve been listening to it, over and over, and it’s a pure pleasure!, sensing an outward generosity and consistence. To be noted too, one can discover songs from Marco Biancarelli, a professor of Corsican language, and all directed by Michel Tomei.
I discovered the tango is a very important element in Laurent’s choice too, and he spoke of his desire to meet singers from many foreign countries, but, in particular, Argentina, which remains very dear to him indeed.
Now he’s back to stay, he also gives Corsican language lessons for all, in Ajaccio, at the cultural centre U Borgu.
If he were to choose a mentor, it would clearly be Antoine Ciosi, without hesitation he answered, his influence has been an important factor since the beginning. As regards his hopes for the future – that the island may forever maintain her original identity with pride and commitment, transmitting without forgetting, and may peace reign in full measurement.

Yes, the Corsicans always find their way home, don’t they ..


and if you would like to vision his site:

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