I Tisori di Mimi – when flavours and fragrances merge

I always trust my first impressions, and this was to prove correct once again when I recently had the pleasure of tasting natural homemade creations by ‘I Tisori di Mimi’, nested in one of our picturesque villages – naming Calcatoggio. However, I discovered that jam was not the only delicacy there would be to offer. And, of course, my curiosity led me to further investigate.

I’m quite sure for Mireille and François Ceccarelli, if you had have asked them years ago, could they have imagined seeing themselves producing what they produce today, they would certainly have replied, ‘not in the slightest way’ – and this is also the wonderful ‘design’ so to speak, our lives can take at times – passion grows and develops, to finally structure a comprehendible perspective, which can frankly take us by surprise. 

Having studied in Paris and acquired her diploma in photography, and more specifically specialising as a montage specialist – Mireille Ceccarelli spent a certain time in Brazil, as a photographer.
They used to retreat to their home in Calcatoggio at weekends when possible, and simply enjoy gardening and cooking at their leisure – this was to become a maturing gratification. So, in 2008, she found she was actually starting to produce more and more, and offer her colourful and tasteful jams to family and friends. 

In 2014, and without taking herself seriously at all, she decided to enter the prestigious Salon International de l’Agriculture de Paris – this resulted in a silver medal for I Tisori di Mimi, for her apple/cinnamon jam. And, this was when it dawned on her that this was what she wished to continue doing – she simply stopped everything else and started to cook at home with an expressive spirit.    
They would once again, enter the same Salon in 2016 and win a second silver medal – this time for ‘Prune noire du jardin’ (Black plum from the garden). 

At this point, it is important to note the existence of old, mature fruit trees belonging to their property, that had not always been looked after through the years, and that were now undergoing a merited revival – trimmed with stories and ancestral knowledge handed down with passion by the elders – all of which contributed to the development and expansion of ancient recipes. As with every fabrication, there can be good and bad years, and this is when friends and acquaintances offer their contribution without hesitation. 

What exactly does I Tisori di Mimi offer ?                

As I stressed before, jam is not the only delicacy one can discover:
– canistrelli (biscuits: both salted and sugared) – with a choice of twelve for sugared, and eight for salted
– vegetable confits and vegetable jams :
– tomato, courgette/nepeta/lemon
– black olive/cinnamon/ginger
– red pepper/ lemon/saffron from Ucciani 
– lemon (cédrat) cordial / lemon cubes confit
– a variety of salt and pepper for all: including herbs, almonds, hazelnuts, myrtle,
nepeta, sesame, zests – salt naturally coming from the Camargue region and pepper mingles wonderfully with oranges, lemons and nepeta … 
Canistrelli offer original associations: chestnut honey, sugar-coated chestnut, sesame, hazelnut from Cervione, almond from Balagne and chocolate hazelnut, to name but a few. I was very interested in tasting the salted flavours, and ‘Herbes du maquis’ found a new customer, although ‘Oignon’ (onion) cannot be dismissed – however, as I previously noted for your attention, there are twelve choices, most of which would conquer every palate I believe. Imagine ‘Tomme de brebis and Prisuttu’ (sheep cheese+prisuttu), anchovy, black olives and white wine with salt – irresistible.

Now, if you’re wondering how many types of jam they propose, the answer is 75 – a wide variety accompanies each season, all of which are 100% natural.

‘Jam on a winter’s day is like tasting summer .. it takes away the blues’

One in particular came to my attention: ‘Un été en Corse’ (A Summer in Corsica) – doesn’t this promise just about everything you could imagine ? 
They come in three sizes: 45g, 110g, and 220g – and, as an example of quantity, it could interest you to learn that last year, 220kg of plums were produced. 
As I was in ‘unknown territory’ here personally, I was wondering how long it actually took to produce a jam – this depends on the fruit, of course. The confits require around four days, and she never cooks more than 4kg at a time – and in one day, 25kg are produced. 
Every choice sells well, there’s no flagship product, and if Mireille had to choose her personal preferences, they would tend to include plum, apricot and citrus fruit. 
‘Prune Noire’ (‘Black Plum’) reveals delightful acidulated moments – I’ve had the pleasure of tasting it and would recommend it to those who may prefer a slightly less sweet type of choice. 
Orange Whisky, Water melon/Lemon, Myrtle, Melon and Muscat wine, Immortelle Flowers, Vermentinu, Brocciu/Lemon/Nepeta, Orange Bergamote, Apricot/Verbena, Apple/Cinnamon and Dolce Natale are amongst some of the inventive and creative flavours proposed by I Tisori di Mimi – so, there’s certainly a suggestion for all.

Annually, the island proposes many fairs of all types, and naturally Mireille + François attend most of these fairs, which represent around twenty. They plan to attend more and more fairs, especially on the mainland in 2018. 
Transport can at times be a problem, due to the fact of living on an island – this is a regular point that has been brought up at times by several people I have spoken to in the past.
Exports are lined up for the US at this date, with future destinations in mind. Catering for visitors at her workshop is also available, where indeed you would be very welcomed.
They usually work all year round, with just a short break during the winter months.

Where to find I Tisori di Mimi in Ajaccio:                                                 

– Caviar et Vodka 
– Gusto
– Chemin des Vignobles 

and they also cater for certain hotels

As expected, prices can be variable depending on where you choose to purchase, and it’s helpful to note the possibility of a sliding scale for sets or packs. 

Undeniably, their products are the fruit of a certain personal research and objective, calling to the senses with subtle and original propositions – may you have the opportunity of entering their tempting and delectable world.    




Mireille+François Ceccarelli                                    
A Casanova
20111 Calcatoggio 
Facebook: I Tisori di Mimi 






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