Top 10 —> thanks to Corsicans ! – from Topito

An interesting choice from Topito recently caught my attention : Thanks to Corsicans !

1) Coca-Cola : In 1863, Angelo Mariani created a fortifying drink made from wine and Coca leaves. Exported to the US, John Smith Pemberton (pharmacist), sells it under the name of French Wine Coca – then came the prohibition, the wine is replaced by lemon juice and sparkling water and in the process, is renamed ‘Coca-Cola’.

2) Perfume : François Coty created his factory on the eve of WW1, and became No.1 worldwide.

3) The FBI : Created in 1908, by Charles Joseph Bonaparte – Napoléon’s grandnephew !

4) The discovery of America ! Christopher Columbus who discovered it, was supposedly born in Calvi (north of Corsica).

5) Roquefort cheese : Legend says, a Corsican shepherd forgot his bag, and when he returned the bread and the curd ewe cheese would have mixed beautifully !

6) Francisco Morazan and the Federal Republic of Central America :

His intention was to make a large, progressive nation with educational reforms, freedom of press and religion, and separation from the church.

7) The first crossing of a dirigible in the Mediterranean :

It’s thanks to people like Louis Capazza, who risked their lives to exceed the limits of possibility at that time.

8) The Tunisian Mouradites Dynasty : From 1613-1631, this dynasty reigned.

Mourad Bey (no other than Jacques Senti) was captured at the age of 9, by Tunisian corsairs – he ended up as Pasha of Tunis, and all the representatives of his dynasty had a leading role.

9) The Independence of America : Pasquale Paoli inspired the ‘sons of liberty’ to such an extent, that one of them named his son after him, and there are towns in the States are called Paoli.

10) The Civil Code : Originally, the work of Napoleon. Also named ‘Code Napoléon’.



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