My top ten glasses of Corsican wine – ones you will not forget !

(random order)

Clos Canarelli – 20114 Tarabucetta

– outside of Figari, on the south side of the island

Domaine Maestracci – E Prove, 20225 Feliceto

– inland from Calvi on the north and at the foot of Mount Grosso

Domaine Saparale – 20100 Sartene

– the Ortolo Valley, between Sartène and Bonifacio, towards the south

Domaine Comte AbbatuciAjaccio

– the Taravo Valley, near Filitosa (prehistoric site) and south of the island

Clos SignadoreMorta Piana, 20232 Poggi d’Oletta

Nebbio region, north of the island

Domaine de Torraccia – 20137 Lecci                                                                                               grapes

– just beside Porto-Vecchio, on the east

Clos d’Alzeto – 20151 Sari d’Orcino

– on the west coast, north of Ajaccio and on the slopes of the Cinarca Valey

Clos Capitoro – 20000 Ajaccio

– south of Ajaccio, within the sea breezes

Domaine GentiliOlzo, 20217 Saint-Florent

– north of the island and belonging to the Patrimonio region

Domaine Alzipratu – 20214 Calenzana

Balagne region of the north
do you recall what Louis Pasteur said? ‘wine is the most healthful and the most hygienic of beverages ..’
now, enjoy discovering !



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